For Wolfe

You there...
Yes, you... the one whose heart beats to the rythym of mine own.
My dreams you have felt, my fears you have lived,
And yet you stand alone.

You there... The one who chased away the terrors that came with the night.
Your lyrics so true to what I've been through.
Through the shadows shines your light.

You there...
Yes, you... the one I meant to thank for being there for me.
You didn't laugh where others have,
You just seemed to see.

You there...
The one who looked so peaceful as I watched you sleeping there.
I almost kissed you as I woke you,
But I didn't dare.

I'm here...
Telling the page of my innermost thoughts again.
Yours for the taking at least for a time...
If you feel the same.

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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