A lifetime of promises not to hurt me.
A little black book full of ghosts to haunt me.
They will haunt you to...
When you raise your hand to caress my cheek
And I draw back in fear.
When you say a word I've heard before.

Have patience with me...
Hold me close when my fears push you away.
Take my hand and reassure me when I misunderstand.
Though you tell me time and again..I need to hear it.
Wait patiently for those things I hold deep inside.
And when the pain finally surfaces,
Stay with me until it subsides.

The litle girl inside
Thinks to be loved is to be hurt.
The cycle has been unbroken for so many years.
Leaving instead, a broken woman..
Hiding the warrior, sheilding the inner child.

The Warrior is emerging!
To rescue the child.
To heal the wounds;
To BREAK the cycle of violence!
And leave in it's place...
A Woman Warrior, Nurturing the child within.

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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