Sleep of the Wicked

They say, "No rest for the wicked."
The moon is full and I yearn for the solace of the wild -
I am the wild!

The beast rears it's head in anger
At what man has done to the land.
Where are the trees, my shelter?
Where are the brooks and ponds where I used to drink?
Where do I go to stalk my prey?
The forest used to provide my sustenance.
And they wonder why I must feed on my fellow man.

You kill one another in cold blood -
And yet I am the one who is uncivilized.
You penalize the poor and downtrodden - the misunderstood;
Set free the guilty and call it justice.
You seek to destroy all that you do not understand
In the name of a god you cannot see. And yet -
We are the evil ones.

So take your rest, Oh Righteous Ones!
Knowing that your rape and pillage of my homeland
Has taken mine from me.
sleep your beauty sleep in your soft, warm space,
Protected from vile creatures such as myself.
But before you sleep tonight, look in the mirror...
See what you have become!

     Who is the wicked now?

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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