For TJ

As the sun's golden rays flood the horizon once again,
I sit gazing to the east, wondering as I drink in the new day,
If questions weigh as heavily on your soul as mine.

As the single, jagged patch of stormclouds interrupts the clear, blue skies,
So does the confusion of my mind interrupt my love for you.

One moment, it is all as clear to me as the soft whisper of the wind,
Or the early morning song of the sparrow -
Then an oncoming thought crushes my solitude
Like the invasion of a Sunday morning motorist.

If I love you,
Shouldn't I be overwhelmed with joy at the thought of you?
I DO love you -
So why does the joy seem so bittersweet?
Why does your name bring tears to my eyes?

Why does love have to hurt so much!?

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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