The Hunt

Gazing into the fire
Purifying hearts, minds, souls
Becoming one in preparation for the task ahead.

The hunt begins
Clad only in token scraps of hide and bone.
Symbols to honor the stag
Whose greatest gift will be given this night

He is searching
Demanding worthy adversary
Even as we seek him out.
He will lead us in the dance of understanding.

Our scent is caught.
The chase is finally under way.
We must prove our worthiness.
And suddenly…we are face to face.

He is calm.
He knows what must be done.
And so, now, do I.
The dance is still only beginning.

An embrace.
Arms flung 'round the neck of this majestic beast,
Warm fur against my cheek,
Sweet breath on my face envelops me in his love.

He beckons to you
To join us in his last embrace within this life.
"Thank you, Mighty Friend;
Sacred Provider for our clan."

Blade positioned.
The dance nearly brought to completion.
My lips pressed to the side of his velvet muzzle
In a kiss to say goodbye…To convey my love.

The task is done.
Our tears mingle with his life's blood.
Tears of compassion, gratitude, love.
And now truly, fully…Tears of understanding.

©Khaos WolfKat 2002

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