For Owl

Moved like never before.
I am as clay;
Though only moments before, I was the sculptor.
And before that…the clay again.
Seamlessly trading roles as easily as the wind changes direction.

Swept on a gentle current
Now a raging river.
Part of me still clinging to the rope of logic.
But will it save me from myself,
Or betray and become the noose that destroys me?

Afraid to look into your eyes
So much like my own,
Lest I abandon rationality forever
To be tossed upon the sea of emotion
At the mercy of winds that neither can be measured nor tamed.

Yet reluctant to look away,
To shrink from your embrace,
Lest I abandon the possibilities I see
To float in stagnant waters, mired by doubt and fear.
Better to throw myself to the winds of fate than drown in my own certainty.

©Khaos WolfKat 2002

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