For Wolfe

I know you...
I know now from where or when, but...
I know you.
Know your fears, your dreams, your heart.
I know them,
For they are a reflection of my own soul.

Do you know me?
Can you see beyond my fortress walls?
Do you see me?
Into the darkened shadows of my inner being?
It scares me...
The thought of light where darkness has reigned so long.

I see you...
Wondering why my gaze is so intently searching
When you speak.
Listening to so much more than the words you say,
The voice of the soul...
Speaking to an almost forgotten memory.

I am you...
And you I, from some long ago time and place.
How is it
That this path has run across itself?
Mind, heart and soul in perfect harmony.

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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