Public Smoke

As promised, the car arrived at exactly 7:38pm. I had just finished putting the final touches on my makeup and locking up. He always picked a specific moment that I was to be ready and waiting, and never a "normal" time either. And his timing so far has never been less than precise. I was attired as per his equally precise instructions. Little black dress (the one he bought me in that deliciously clinging stretchy, satiny material, with tiny diamonds adorning the double spaghetti straps), black velvet strappy pumps, no stockings and the brand new red silk panties that had been waiting for me with written instructions for this evening when I came home from the office. I stepped up to the waiting limousine. The driver opened the door and I found myself to be the only passenger. Odd… Why wasn't he in the car? Who knew? Besides, it wasn't my place to question. I knew better than to ask the driver for any information. He was paid well to follow his orders to the letter. And that included not only his silence during these drives, but reporting fully on my behavior to his employer. The note had said he had a "surprise" for me tonight. I always get a bit apprehensive about his "surprises". His last surprise had involved a highly elaborate scheme that had me certain that I wasn't going to live through the ordeal! Ahh well, nothing to do but wait and see, as usual. Before too long, the car pulled to a stop in front of one of the nicer hotels just north of downtown. The driver came around to let me out and wordlessly led me into the hotel lobby and to the elevator, where we rode up to a very elegant looking restaurant on the very top floor that I never even knew existed. After motioning me to stay put just inside the entryway, the driver proceeded to the headwaiter, handed him an envelope and, after a brief exchange, left the way we had come in, leaving me to stand and wonder what was next. The host glanced up at me with an amused expression and then opened the envelope. It looked like it contained a single page letter and a bill...the denomination of which, I was too far away to see. His smile grew as he read whatever was written on the letter and the bill disappeared into his pocket. He then refolded the paper put it back into the envelope, and gestured for me to follow him. He led me to an empty booth near the back of the restaurant and told me to make myself comfortable. Before I even had a chance to ask for a glass of water, he was gone. Okay, so he wasn't here. So much for what I thought I had figured out. I couldn't be dining alone tonight! But no, here was the familiar sound of his laugh and he soon appeared with a waiter following closely behind. Tonight, instead of sitting across from me, he slid into the booth beside me so that I was between him and the wall. After ordering for both of us, he turned to me and said, loudly enough to be heard by other patrons, "So my dear, did you have any trouble finding the place?" "Not at all." I replied lightly, fully aware that he was greatly enjoying the blush already creeping across my face. He knew how I had gotten here. It had all been planned according to his whim, after all. I knew that he would have already consulted with the driver who brought me here to make sure I had followed his instructions exactly and that his question was really his way of asking me what he already knew the answer to. "Good girl, " he said softly, making me glad that I had stifled the urge earlier to ask my driver for at least a hint to where we were going.
He asked me the usual questions about how my day had gone and such while we waited for our food to arrive. Dinner was wonderful, as usual. He knew all the best places. After desert, he ordered coffee for us both and produced 2 Cohibas from his breast pocket. "I picked them up in Canada earlier this week", he said offhandedly. I gave him a questioning look, to which he nodded. So they were Cuban! This must be my surprise. I eagerly waited for him to light his and then the one he had handed me and then reveled in the heady aroma of real Cuban tobacco. This was a somewhat rare luxury. The local authorities had really been cracking down lately on people bringing these into the country, so he almost never took the risk. As we both alternately sipped our coffee and smoked our cigars, he rested his hand on my leg under the table and started to caress me gently just above the knee. As we continued talking about this and that, his hand started slowly moving up until it was under my dress almost at my thigh and then teased me by brushing the inner thigh very lightly, using his nails a little. He chuckled at my look of surprise and sharp intake of breath and continued his exploration while casually resuming our conversation. As his free hand roamed across my hips and thighs and he kept talking and asking me questions like nothing was happening, my breathing was getting more and more uneven. I was having a difficult enough time sitting still and keeping quiet by this time, when he heated things up by just barely touching my "lower lips" through the silk of my panties.
A tiny moan escaped my lips before I could stop it, and I looked around to make sure it had gone unnoticed by people at nearby tables. "Mario! Someone will notice!" I whispered urgently. "Not if you keep quiet and act normal." was his perfectly calm reply.
He then proceeded to test my skill at "acting normal" further by slipping his hand under my panties and sliding his finger down the very wet crease between my lips, finding my now swollen clit and rubbing it gently, then pinching the labia hard so that it was all I could do not to yelp. He continued this excruciatingly torturous alternating pain and pleasure for a small eternity. All the while I was taking long draws on my cigar and trying to make it seem as though my eyes were closing only from the pleasure of smoking a good cigar. I was holding the smoke in a lot longer than usual from holding my breath so I didn't moan out loud, disguising my sighs of passion and pain in the exhales. I was so close to orgasm by then that it would only take a second to bring me over the edge, but he kept me right on the verge. Testing my limits, knowing that if he took me too close to the brink, I couldn't help but announce my arrival with a cry of ecstasy, with no thought to who would hear me! Just when I was certain that I wouldn't be able to hold back a second longer, he withdrew his hand and called for the check. I was relieved to be "off the hook" for the moment, but also desperate for release. I hoped he would finish in the car and eagerly followed when he started toward the elevator. To my surprise (and excitement), rather than pressing the button that would have taken us back to the lobby, he pressed the 7 button and when the doors opened, led me down the hall and to one of the rooms.

To be continued in another story…(Title: Room 703)

©Khaos WolfKat 2002

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