The Photo Shoot

"Photo Erotica, Specializing in the Exotic, Sensual and unusual", read the ad. Well, I thought, got to give this one a try. None of the other leads had panned out. All kinds of crap about antismoking ordinances, liability, company policies, etc.

A sultry female voice answered the phone,
"Photo erotica, what can we do to you today?"
Wow! Definitely a good sign. So, I told her what I had in mind, still half expecting to hear yet another set of excuses. To my surprise , she replied that she could schedule me for a consultation, could I get there in an hour?
"You bet!" Got there in 20 minutes flat, enough time to stop at the cafe across the way for a mocha and one of those half size stogies.
At the appointed time I walked into the small storefront that served as the studio's front office. I was greeted promptly by the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! About 5' 10", very curvy, long, tanned legs, shown off nicely by a (Very short) business suit. Dark green eyes that looked great with her long, wavy red hair.
I recognized the voice from the phone.
"Mr. Chiavelli will be with you in a moment."
Seconds later an equally stunning 30ish man stepped through the door leading to the back of the building. He was at least 6 feet tall, if not a little more, medium coloring, long , dark curly hair tied back into a ponytail, and the deepest sexiest big brown eyes. He put his hand out, expecting a handshake, I assumed, but when I extended my hand, he took it in both of his, then brought it up to his lips and gave it a kiss so light, it was barely more than a brush of the lips.
"Mario Chiavelli; Call me Mario."
This was getting better every second.
After apologizing for keeping me waiting (all of 30 seconds!) he led me through the door he had just come through and into a large, plush, nicely furnished office. The first thing I noticed was the ornately carved wooden humidor on his desk. This couldn't possibly get better!
He gestured me to an overstuffed armchair in front of his desk, sat back in his chair, and asked me what kind of look I was going for.
Suddenly a little nervous, and hoping he wasn't going to think I was a weirdo and toss me out on my ear, I told him that I wanted some pictures of myself smoking cigars. "Is that all?" he said.. "no problem!"
"Well, not exactly, I kind of wanted them to be.. well.. sexy." I said hesitantly.
"Ahh, for your husband?"
"Your boyfriend then?"
"Umm, no, I'm single, actually, I want to ..." (what the hell, might as well just tell him!) "I was thinking of putting them in the internet."
One eyebrow raised , he says, "How sexy?"
I wasn't prepared for this question.
"I'm not exactly sure.. I've never, umm..done this before." I stammered.
With a breathtaking smile, he asked, "So, when do you want to get started?"
"How soon can I schedule an appointment?"
"How about now?" He said.
"But, I don't , I mean, I didn't bring any other clothes with me."
He pressed the intercom button;
"Vivian, please lock up and show Miss Summerland to studio B, I'll join the two of you in a moment."
The redhead appeared at the door and led me to another door which opened to what looked like it could have been the honeymoon suite of a 1st rate hotel, except for the one wall missing and all the photography equipment. As I was looking over the room, Mario returned with an assortment of clothing. Everything from low cut and sexy business suits (much like the one his assistant was wearing) to silk and lace lingerie to a leather "dominatrix" outfit.
The next thing I knew, Vivian was helping me out of my clothing and I was standing there in the nude. She proceeded to put a thick fluffy robe on me and start doing my makeup while Mario styled my hair. I was beginning to wonder if this was a photography studio or a salon.
I was assured that Mr. Chiavelli took pride in his work and so I must look my absolute best.
That was fine with me!!
When they were done with that, Vivian chose an ivory lace and satin teddy with a garter belt and silk stockings to match. I was about to put them on, but she pushed me back gently and told me that that was her job. Was it my imagination, or did she deliberately brush my nipples several times as she dressed me?
It was probably just coincidence. She then helped me into a matching low cut blouse, short, tight skirt and tailored suit jacket. The look was completed with a pair of (also matching) 5 inch pumps. I felt like one of those high power business women they show in fashion magazines. Mario, who had been looking on silently until this point, produced from his breast pocket a huge cigar.
When he handed it to me along with a gold cigar lighter, I saw that it was an Arturo Fuente.
Surely, this had to be a dream! He instructed me not to light it yet, and told me to sit at the roll top desk in the "suite". I did as I was told as he positioned cameras in all different directions.
It looked like he could snap a shot of me from just about any angle no matter where in that room I went.
He had me put my feet up on the desk, ankles crossed, lean back a bit in the chair and told me to light the cigar as he started snapping away. I put the cigar to my nose first and just inhaled the scent of it. Then I put my lips around it and sucked it as far into my mouth as I could. I wasn't about to just lick it THIS time!
I reached for the punch on the desk, causing quite a bit of cleavage to show for a few shots, punched it and wrapped my lips around it again. He started clicking furiously as I brought the flame to the tip of the cigar, Drawing in a slow, even breath to get an even light. I felt the slow smile spread across my face as I savored that first taste. Mmmm.. I always love that first inhale. He then started giving me directions again.. "Swing your legs down and turn to face the camera. Look at me, smile, take a drag." (as if I had to be told) "Now, shrug out of the jacket."
He had me slowly strip out of the suit, leaving me in the lacy underthings, clicking the camera all the time. From time to time, either he or Vivian would come over and position me a certain way. Once I was wearing just the lingerie, they had me go to the large, satin sheeted bed and sit on the edge, then pose this way and that.
then it was time for a wardrobe change.
This time it was the Leather outfit. More pictures, all the while I'm puffing away on this great cigar. Another wardrobe change, and this time they both came over to help me change. Now, the sexy clothing and the cigar and the idea of all these pictures being taken was really getting to me by this time. My nipples were pointing straight out and I was a little short of breath, and all of the sudden, both of their hands were on me to change me into another little lacy number, this one red and black. I almost let out a moan right there when his fingers traced down my back. Then more smoking and more pictures. Then, out of the blue, Vivian turns to Mario and says, "Does she look like she's getting aroused to you?"
He looked at me and said, "Why yes, it does seem that way, doesn't it?" I could feel myself turning bright red from embarrassment, but the thing is that for some reason it turned me on even more! I couldn't help it. Mario made some adjustments to the cameras and walked over to me. I realized that he had set them to snap a picture every couple of seconds, leaving him free to.. Well, I wasn't sure yet, but I was beginning to get an idea.
"Vivian, I think you should help her out of those clothes again." He suggested.
I was speechless! This time, she made no pretense about caressing me as she removed my clothing. I started to make some feeble protest, but I was too aroused to deny it to anyone. How could I have known that this knockout swung both ways? But there she was, now running her long nails lightly down my legs as Mario stepped up behind me, ran his fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck and whispered in my ear, "Would you like us to stop?"
"I um, y... I mean, no, please don't stop!" That was all they needed.
Suddenly there were hands and mouths on every part of my body. I kept on forgetting to draw on my cigar It felt so exquisite! Vivian was working her way down my belly with kisses and flicks of the tongue while Mario nibbled down my neck to my erect nipples, swirling his tongue around them, sucking and lightly nipping every so often, I was really wet and shaking by now. This was definitely not how I had expected to spend my afternoon, but I was sure not complaining! Then Vivian was zeroing in on my clit and Mario had his hands and mouth everywhere at once, it seemed. As I took in a long drag on the fuente, Vivian clamped onto my clit and started sucking. I exhaled and took another deep inhale just as the first series of orgasms racked my entire body! I was moaning and gasping now and I didn't care if the entire world heard. After I had come down somewhat from the pleasure, Mario had me get up, positioned Vivian on her back on the bed, head at the edge and told me to bend over the edge of the bed. Vivian's face was now practically buried in my bush, while her hands were free to fondle and caress my freely swinging breasts. Mario was standing across from me on the other side of the bed. He told her to make me come again and she eagerly set out to do just that! Up to this point, he was fully dressed, but now he began to slowly undress. It was almost like a strip tease without the music. I couldn't wait to see what he had, and I didn't wait long. He stripped off all but a pair of silk boxers and I could clearly see that he had a very good sized bulge in there. When he finally slid down his boxers, I couldn't believe what I saw! A good eight and a half inches at least and nice and thick! I almost started cumming again at the sight of his beautiful tool. He got up on the bed and asked if I wanted to taste it. Did I!! He knelt in front of my face and took the cigar from my mouth, taking a drag on it himself as I proceeded to lick his shaft all over before I sucked it into my mouth as far as I could. The head was like velvet and his erection was firm and throbbing in my mouth. He let me lick and suck him for a few more minutes, with that red headed goddess licking my pussy for all she was worth the whole time before he placed the cigar back in my mouth and went around the bed to stand behind me. He placed the head just at the opening and left it there for several seconds before he asked "do you want it?"
I could barely even form the words to moan out an empathetic YES! He put in the first inch or so and moved it in and out, teasing me until I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, then, just as I though I was going to go insane, he drove into me and started pumping fast and hard. He had to remind me to puff on the cigar. He stopped suddenly and then started up with long, slow strokes. He held me on the edge for some time and then told me to take in the biggest inhale I could and hold it. As I did, he started the hard thrusting again. In seconds I exploded with the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had in my life, just as I felt him emptying his hot cum into me! It felt like his member was expending another inch around every time it pulsed. The exhale was a long, loud moan of pleasure. When I was completely satisfied beyond my wildest expectations, he left the room and came back with warm, damp towels and the two of them proceeded to clean me thoroughly as I finished off the cigar and help me back into my street clothes. It was then that I realized that the cameras had been going the entire time!
He saw me looking at the cameras and said, "don't worry, the form you signed during your consultation requires your consent before those pictures are used for anything.
Well, that was a relief, but there was still the business of what I had come there for originally.
"What about the pictures I wanted for the.."
"They should all be ready for you to view and pick the ones you want to keep by tomorrow morning, There won't be any charge."
"No, really, you don't have to.." I protested, but he quickly shushed me and suggested that we could look over the prints over breakfast at his house, what time that evening should he send a car to pick me up? I allowed myself to be convinced. And THAT'S just the beginning of several more stories!

©Khaos WolfKat 1998

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