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Metal News/E-Zines/Link Sites


Andy's Metal Corner  Essays and live reviews about all genres of metal music.

Behind the Veil Webzine

Beyond Death Melodic death and black metal reviews, information, and popular message board.

Daemonaz' Sanctuary Black, gothic doom metal and lyrics to albums Dark Lyrics is one of the largest metal lyrics archives on the Web.

Demonnz'END Your Gateway to Metal

Dweeb Metal Progressive, Symphonic, Avant-garde Gothic, Black, Death metal

Edge Of Time   Progressive and atmospheric metal magazine and webzine. Reviews, interviews, soundfiles, and news.

Fast Metal Pages   Photos, news, reviews and more.

Heavy Metal Mania Features album reviews, live reports, news, tabs, sound files from avid fan from Greece.

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Intromental Webzine Intromental Management promotes metal bands and sponsors this webzine of staff's metal reviews.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Lost Souls Domain Lots of metal links.. Graphics intensive, looks cooler than shit, but can be slow to load if you have a dialup connection.

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Melodic Metal Works

Metal E@gle Online Magazine

Metal Judgment Album and concert reviews by committee. Visitors can submit reviews. Tour dates, album release dates, classic albums, message board.

Metal Uprising

Metallic Symphonies progressive, underground metal with resources for the online fan

Metal Review Reviews written by the fans.

Mistress of the Dark Promotions

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No Exit Progressive and power metal, sound files, message board Northern California underground metal scene with show and album reviews

Reign of Thrash and Death Metal In addidition to being another cool ass metal site, this is also host to Loot and Plunder e-zine, containing many (and I mean MANY!) insightful band and album reviews.

Rock connection web-Zine

Satan Stole My Teddybear   Heavy metal/punk/industrial record reviews archive

Shrine of Echoes Shrine of Echoes is a new Extreme Metal magazine geared to Black, Viking, Pagan, Fantasy and Death metal.

Snakepit - Heavy Metal Magazine Online zine and magazine print, message board, interviews

Speed of Darkness Reviews of thrash, black and death metal albums. Includes a discussion forum and links.

Swedish metal

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The End Times Reviews archive of old and new heavy metal.

The HeavyMetal Reviews Archive An archive of reviews and interviews; readers can submit reviews

The Metal Gospel Band descriptions, reviews, interviews, and publications.

The Meat Socket The Meat Socket is a quarterly issued multi-media publication delving into the darker realms of literature, cinema, music and art. With its unique multi-media format The Meat Socket can provide not only interviews, stories, articles and reviews, but also audio, video and movie clips. Not Specifically a Metal publication, but has LOTS of (mostly death) Metal content and other things of interest to the Metal community.

True Metal Seattle  The infernal home of local bands, venues, record stores, zines, record labels, businesses, radio shows and more who practice and promote TRUE METAL.

Vampire Magazine

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Recording Studios

Studio Fredman

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Metal Radio/MP3s

PLEASE support the artists you like by BUYING the music if you like it! Prove "Selloutica", the RCIAA and others like them wrong & Help MP3 sites help artists make it by using MP3s as a preview or an addition, rather than an alternative to buying the CDs!

GotMetal Radio

Khaos Metal Radio Name purely coincidental, no relation to this site other than the love of Metal.

Music In Progress TONS of downloadable metal MP3s..Many very difficult to find elsewhere.

Napster The infamous Napster! The perfect place to go to preview that band before you buy the CD.

The Gallows Radio

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Message Boards/Mailing Lists

Angra Mailing list This is Angra's mailing list.The greatest metal band from South America.Here we discuss topics about Angra,but also about any metal band and anything related with heavy music.

Blind Guardian Mailing List This is the official BLIND GUARDIAN mailing list. As you might have guessed the main topic of dicussion is the heavy metal band BLIND GUARDIAN. Of course the topics stray a bit sometimes but stays close to metal (most of the time). Come on in and give us a try!

Blizzard Beast's Metal World

Eternal Tears of Sorrow Mailing List The mailing list dealing with Eternal Tears of Sorrow. EToS are a melodic death metal band from North Finland. This list has been set up by the band themselves, so this is the best place to hear the latest EToS news. Also, this is the ONLY place to get EToS electronic email newsletter straight to your mailbox.. Whenever something happens to EToS, you'll know it first.

EuroInvasion Mailing List European Metal discussion board.Bands like Children of Bodom,Moonspell,Rotting Christ,Lacuna Coil,Nightwish,Emperor,Sentenced,Dark Tranquility,Samael,Soilwork,Mental Home,Arch Enemy,Sinergy etc.

Extreme Metal Mailing List This list will be used srictly for the discussion of the Black and Death metal scene.Featuring discussions about bands,albums,zines,demos,tour dates,items forsale,trading,and buying.

In Flames Mailing ListThis list is intended for frequent discussions for and about the metal band "In Flames" and any other melodic Death or Metal band out there, i.e..."Opeth","Dark Tranquillity","Soilwork","Witchery","At the Gates".......hell anything that's not on the radio.......Feel free to say or post anything you wish....

Melodic Death Mailing List A list for discussion of melodic death metal bands like In Flames, Opeth, Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Edge of Sanity, Hypocrisy, Katatonia and similar.

Monolith Mailing List Agressive, melodic Death Metal from Sweden. If you like bands such as Edge of Sanity or Dismember, this is where you should look. Awsome melodies combined with violent grindparts.

Nightwish Mailing List About the Finnish Operatic Metal band Nightwish.

Power Metal Mailing List A mailing list about the melodic, powerful, brilliant kind of music known as Power Metal. If you like bands as Helloween, Gamma Ray, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Rage, Angra, Iron Savior, Manowar and so on, this is the list for you!

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Desktop Themes/Wallpaper/etc.

Darkwrath  Dark Desktop Themes

Windows 666

Quiahuitzin Home Page   Also has tabs for a lotta shit.



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