Last Dance

She hadn't actually been on the prowl that evening. She had gone out to a fairly upscale nightclub to enjoy a few drinks, dancing and one of her favorite pastimes, people watching. She found it fascinating to observe the interactions of ones like she herself had been so long ago. Her perspective had changed drastically since that time. As usual, she had not lacked for attention. She was whirled around the dance floor by an array of men, all vying to be the one to capture her attention. She had no intention of leaving with any of them that night. She was looking forward to a leisurely stroll about the city after closing, followed by watching the films she had purchased earlier that evening. She much valued her solitary times.

As soon as he put his hand on her hip, she wished she had turned down his offer of the drink, not to mention the invitation to dance. The images that flashed from his mind were distasteful to her. She hoped the song would be over quickly. As they danced, he pulled her closer to him. She maneuvered away a bit and, to her irritation, rather than taking the hint, his hand moved lower to palm the curve of her rear. She made to move his hand back up and he responded by clasping her more tightly and crushing her to him, grinding his crotch against hers. Angrily, she had flung herself away from him and left the dance floor. Another day, she might have lured him to her downtown flat, but she had just satiated her hungers the night before and didn't want to change her plans for the evening. She strode to her table, collected her purse and stepped out into the brisk night air. The walk would calm her.

Within minutes, she felt his presence not far behind. He was following her. She decided to ignore him in hopes that he would simply tire of his game. She continued to Freeway Park, an oasis of greenery, wooded alcoves and paths hidden under and over the freeway where it passed through downtown. He was still following her. She had pondered her choice for a moment. It would have been an easy thing to simply vanish into the trees and continue her walk elsewhere, away from him, but her annoyance from the dance floor resurfaced, combined with the impatience with having her solitude interrupted. She turned into a thickness of trees parted by a tiny path, not trying to quiet her steps. When he was almost upon her, she turned, feigning surprise and fear. "What do you want!?" she had said in a timid voice.
         "That was kinda rude, you leaving in the middle of a dance like that", he said conversationally.
         "Well, you shouldn't have grabbed me like you did!" she snapped.
         "I was just being friendly. Why you gotta be so unfriendly?" He leered at her and his tone became menacing. "I think you need some lessons in manners! After all, I bought you an expensive drink. Nothing in life's free ya know", he laughed unpleasantly.
         "Please just leave me alone!" she had said, an edge of fear in her voice. "All I want to do is be alone and go for a walk."
         "Don't you know it's dangerous to walk in the park alone late at night? Don't worry though... I'm gonna keep you company." With that, he advanced on her, pushing her to the ground and straddling her. He bent to kiss her, forcing her mouth open and exploring its interior with his tongue. She struggled under him, knowing it would serve only to excite him further. She felt his hardness pressing into her thigh and, despite his baseness and her irritation with him, she felt herself begin to respond.
         "That's right baby, you know you want it." He pulled her shirt open, buttons scattering.
         "Stop it!" she said weakly.
         "Oh, come on baby, don't try to fight it" he mumbled into her breast as he unfastened her jeans and jerked them down roughly, only taking time to pull them off one leg before forcing her legs apart with one hand and a knee to her thigh. "Don't tell me this ain't what you want now babe, you're all ready for me!" he exclaimed, running his hand along the slick furrow of her labia.
It was true. She was, by now, highly aroused at what she knew was the inevitable conclusion of this encounter.

Her breath quickened as he fumbled with his zipper, freeing his generously proportioned cock. He moved up and pushed into her mouth. Forgetting her simulated resistance for the moment, she eagerly took it to the root and began stroking him with her mouth, working the shaft with her tongue, feeling the velvety skin of the head against her lips and tongue. After a few moments, he withdrew from her mouth and moved back down to penetrate her tight, wet softness. She moaned as he entered her, savoring the feel of his long thickness sliding in and out rhythmically, slowly, her hips now rising to meet each thrust. Soon, his thrusting became faster, harder, ramming deep into her. She cried out in her passion, unable to control her movements now. He was brought over the edge by her spasms that grasped and squeezed his cock as she came. Driving deeper into her, he climaxed with a long groan. He pulled out of her and started to get up, but she locked her legs around him.
         "Okay baby, that's enough for now", he said jokingly, trying to rise. She held, and then, surprising him with her strength, rolled with him so that she was now on top of him.
         "I haven't had enough yet" she said coyly, "Baby".
         "You better get up before you get hurt, little girl!" he growled, struggling.
         "Hmm...I don't think I'm I any danger of being hurt, stud." She smiled, revealing the now extended canines.
         "Let me up!" Panic had crept into his voice, as it became apparent that he was no match for her strength.
         "Nothing in life's free, ya know." She said sweetly, grabbing him by the hair on the back of his neck and leaning in close.

He screamed as she ripped into the delicate skin of his throat, opening the jugular and gulping down the flowing warmth. His struggle had lasted only a few moments. The human organism cannot survive long drained of much more than four pints of blood, and he had lost considerably more than that. She stood and got her jeans back on and fastened, then tied her now buttonless top just below her breasts.

Looking down at the cadaver at her feet, she remarked to herself, "Huh. I guess it is dangerous to be alone in the park at night." Then she smiled and made her way out of the park to finish her interrupted evening stroll.

©Khaos WolfKat 2005

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