Jose's Introduction

Jose stood on the step shivering, his formerly nice silk shirt plastered to his chest and back and his tie hanging like a piece of wet paper bag. The next bus would have been cutting it too close, so he had stood at the end of the long, private drive for more than 20 minutes before walking up to the house so that he could ring the bell at precisely 7:30. His best friend had gone to a lot of trouble to set this up for him, including calling in a favor from a coworker, and he didn't want to screw it up. Eric had cautioned him that she expected perfect punctuality from her visitors. He checked his watch and cursed himself again for not bringing a jacket… or at least an umbrella. He still hadn't gotten used to the ever-rapidly changing Northwest weather and now he was hardly presentable. Oh well, nothing to do about that now. At least he could be on time. 7:26; almost time. He pulled out his comb for perhaps the 10th time since getting off the bus and tried to put his unruly curls back into some semblance of order. One last time, he checked the plastic bag in his shirt pocket to make sure it was still sealed, took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

The resulting chorus of chimes sounding deep within the house belied the modest, almost austere appearance of the house's stone exterior. A moment later, one of the immense double doors was opened a crack by a plump, middle aged woman in a maid's uniform.
          "May I help you?", she inquired with a sharp British accent.
          "I.. Umm.. I'm here to see Lady M. I have an appointment" Damnit! He felt like a fool for stammering. She was only the hired help for God's sake!
          "Why are you here?", demanded the maid.
          "I told you; I have an appointment with Lady M.", he retorted, a little irritated. Why didn't she just show him in? Couldn't she see he was wet and cold!?
          "You are here to serve the lady, yes?"
          "Yes. May…"
          "And you received instructions, did you not?"
          "Yes. Now may I please..."
          "And does this look like a service entrance, hmmm?"
          "Look!", Jose barked, jamming a clenched fist into his pocket and trying to control his annoyance, "I've been standing out in the rain for 20 minutes. I'm cold, I'm wet and I didn't come here to be cross examined by a cleaning woman!" The woman's face turned stony and her lips closed in a thin line.
          "One moment sir. I'll check with the Lady." She said tersely and closed the door almost silently.
          "Thank you!" 'Now that's more like it', he thought with some satisfaction. He didn't even mind so much that he was still standing outside. Within a minute, the door opened again, wider this time.
          "I'm so sorry to keep you waiting sir. Please come in."
          "That's much better. Maybe I won't have to speak to your employer after all." He smiled to himself, wondering if the maid was subject to "discipline". He almost laughed aloud imagining Madam Proper Maid turned over the Boss' knee being paddled for her rudeness. That would teach her how to treat a guest!
          "She has already been informed sir, and I assure you that the Mistress will deal with it." Ahh. So she WAS going to get a whipping! "I'd like to see that", he said jokingly.
          "Yes sir. Lady M Has already informed me that you will be a part of the discipline."
          "Excellent!" He wondered if it would be before, after or while the "Mistress" "Made" him fuck her. He was so looking forward to this! His cock was already starting to swell in his trousers as he walked through the door into a massive, marbled entryway.

          "Wow! Nice digs!" he exclaimed, taking in the high, domed ceiling, huge chandelier and the candles lining the stone walls on either side of the foyer.
          "Yes, it is very lovely, isn't it? This way please." She pointed to a stone bench just at the edge of the entry area. "Shoes off. Put them under the bench."
          "What!?" he asked incredulously?
          "Shoes…off", she repeated slowly, as though she might be speaking to a child. Street shoes aren't permitted on the carpets."
          "Oh, right", he shrugged. "Okay, whatever." He kicked off his loafers and nudged them under the bench.
          Miss perfect maid gave him a look and neatened his shoes and the pair that one of his had pushed sideways before straightening up and leading him past a staircase going up and to a bolted door at the end of a narrow hallway. She paused to select an old fashioned key from a large ring in one of her apron pockets, unlocked the bolt, then gestured him forward. There was a small landing and then a steep flight of stairs leading down to the basement.

          "The 'dungeon' huh? Where no one will hear me scream?" He laughed. She didn't answer him, but waited until he started down the steps and then followed, keys clinking softly. "Right turn", she directed as he reached the bottom. "3rd door on your right; Go right in"
He turned the knob and found himself in a spacious, though sparsely furnished room. The carpet was almost as plush as the upstairs carpeting had been, but was white instead of purple. There was a deep burgundy Victorian love seat, matching chair and footstool and a marble topped coffee table in the center of the room. Facing the wall to the left of the door was a roll top desk with another chair identical to the one adjacent to the loveseat, and set into the wall on the opposite side, facing the loveseat, was a huge stone and marble fireplace. The carpet stopped, giving way to blue gray flagstone in a half oval shape several feet from the fireplace on which there sat a fireplace tool set and a wood tote half full of logs.
The woman busied herself laying a fire in the fireplace and in only a few minutes, there was a small blaze. "Kindly stand here and dry off", she said, indicating a place on the stones. "Don't want you ruining the carpet".
          "Sounds fine to me", he replied, glad for the warmth. Without another word, she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Several minutes went by and he was warmed up and beginning to get a bit bored, so he decided to take a closer look around the room. Directly behind the loveseat, there was a large wooden chest that he hadn't been able to see from his earlier vantage point. Curious, he tried to lift the lid, only to find it locked. "Figures", he muttered to himself and continued his inspection of the room. The top was locked down on the desk as well. Frustrated, he walked back to the loveseat and sat down. From there, he discovered that the coffee table had a small drawer just below the top. He tried it and, to his surprise, it actually opened. It didn't contain much, but it's contents did hold great promise for the evening; A large crystal cigar ashtray, a box of extra long wooden matches and a small, flat, travel sized humidor that would hold perhaps a dozen decent sized cigars. He was just about to pull the humidor out a bit so he could lift the lid and have a peek when he was startled by the sound of the door latch. He quickly closed the drawer and stood awkwardly.

          "Are you finding everything to your liking?"
          Her voice was melodic and warm, yet with just a hint of ice. She stood framed in the doorway, her long red hair matching the fire in her eyes. She wore a gray, tailored pinstripe suit jacket over a very low cut white blouse with a short skirt that matched the jacket and black, leather boots that went up to the knee.
          "Yeah, pretty much, thanks."
          She swept into the room with a casual grace, stopped about 6 inches from where he stood and looked him over appraisingly. After a moment, she gave a curt nod, stepped deftly past him and motioned him to a spot directly across from her on the other side of the coffee table as she settled onto the loveseat. She opened the slim folder she had carried in with her and pulled out a small sheaf of papers, then set them down on top of the folder on the table. She looked down at the top of the stack for another few seconds and then returned her attention to him. "Jose", she paused. "Do you know why you are here?"
          "Well, yes. I'm here to do a session with you."
          "Mm hmm. And do you know what that entails?"
          "Well, no… I guess not exactly", he said uncertainly.
          She leafed through the papers and pulled out 2 of them, beckoning him forward. "Read these", she said, handing them to him. While he did so, she took the remaining papers up again and continued to study them, flipping through the pages, periodically going back to read a previous page. She looked up when he cleared his throat.
          "Okay, I understand", he said. "I'll sign them".
          "Just a moment. Do you fully understand that by signing these, you agree completely to my terms?"
          "Yes, yes. My friend already explained this to me, so I know what I'm getting into."
          "Do you?"
          "Basically, you're the boss. I do what you tell me. You agree not to do any actual damage to me and I can leave when I want, but if I leave before you say to I don't get to come back. Right?"
          "That is correct. Also, those documents only cover this session and in no way guarantee any future sessions or contact with me."
          "Okay. I can deal with that."
          "We'll see." She handed him a pen from inside the folder. After he had signed both copies, she signed her name to them and handed one back to him. "That is yours to keep. Put it in your pocket." She slipped the remaining copy along with the rest of the papers back into the folder and set it to one side on the table. "Now, I am told there was a bit of a misunderstanding when you arrived."
          "Yeah. I guess the maid didn't know I was supposed to be here or something."
          "No, I'm quite certain she was given precise instructions, as I conveyed them myself. I don't tolerate rudeness, nor do I tolerate having my directions disregarded in my house."
          "Oh of course not! I don’t usually tolerate that sort of thing either.
          "So, you feel that disciplinary action is in order?"
Oh yeah. Miss fancy pants maid was gonna get it! "Well, I was willing to let it go, but you probably shouldn't. If you don't nip things like that in the bud, they'll just get worse."
          "I'm afraid I must agree with you. It's really too bad. It wasn't how I anticipated starting your session off, but these things can't be helped I suppose.
          "That's okay, I understand", he said sympathetically. He wondered how many points he was racking up. This was going to be quite an evening! She reached under the drawer in the table and pressed a button. Not even a second later, the other woman's voice came through a small speaker nearby.
          "Yes Ma'am?"
          "Dooriya, please report to me now. And bring me in an iced mocha mint latte when you do."
          "Yes Ma'am. Right away Ma'am", came the reply.
          "Should I step out of the room for a couple minutes?" Jose asked, knowing full well that she had already planned on his being there. "Oh no. Your presence is quite required. Please stay right where you are."
          "You’re the boss", he grinned.
          "Indeed", she said sardonically.

          After a few minutes, there was a quiet knock at the door. "Enter", called the Lady of the house. The maid entered, carrying a coaster and the latte in a tall glass, which she set on the coffee table, and then stood quietly, waiting. Mirsanda turned to her employee. "Dooriya, were all my instructions pertaining to this evening delivered properly?"
          "Yes Ma'am"
          "And were they stated quite clearly?"
          "Yes Ma'am, they were"
          "Were they simple enough?"
          "Yes Ma'am. I believe so Ma'am"
          "And were my directions followed?"
          "No Ma'am"
          "Why not"
          "I don't know Ma'am"
          "I see… Dooriya, please face my gentleman caller and explain to him how infractions such as this are dealt with for those in my charge"
          "Yes Ma'am". She turned to Jose, who was having a very difficult time keeping a smirk off his face. "Sir, M'Lady has instructed me to explain what the punishment usually is for failing to follow her directions."
          "I'm listening", he prompted.
          "The first offense generally carries 20 strokes of the paddle as a base, with an additional 10 strokes for each individual infraction involved."
          "The first infraction is general rudeness", Lady Mirsanda cut in, " Do either of you dispute that?"
          "No Ma'am", replied the maid. Jose shook his head.
          "Next, my instructions regarding what entrance would be used by my visitor this evening were obviously ignored. Is that correct"
          "I would say so!" Jose said indignantly.
          "Yes Ma'am" said the maid, lowering her eyes.
          "And, lastly, there would be the display of attitude in the foyer"
          "Yes Ma'am"
          "What?" Jose looked confused.
          "Apparently, there was some problem with the removal of shoes and their placement?"
          "Oh yeah, that." He had forgotten the dirty look she had given him and how she talked down to him. Boy, she was pretty stupid. She just gave herself 10 extra licks! He wouldn't have even mentioned that part. He stifled a grin.
          "So, are we in agreement there as well?", Mirsanda inquired.
          "Yep. I'm afraid so", answered Jose.
          "Yes Ma'am," came the reply yet again from the woman beside him. God! What a suck up! Her attitude sure was different now! Though it didn't sound like it was going to save her ass from a beating, he thought gleefully.
          "That is the base plus 3 separate infractions, for a total of 50 strokes of the paddle."
          "Yes Ma'am."
          "Yes Ma'am!" Jose said heartily. "Sorry Dorry" , he chirped, enjoying his play on words.

          "Fetch the paddle", Mirsanda ordered the maid.
          "Yes Ma'am", she said as she hurried to the trunk behind the loveseat, extracting her key ring again and unlocking and lifting the massive lid smoothly. After replacing the lid again with barely a sound, despite its weight, she returned with a large, wooden paddle and presented it to the Lady.
          "Thank you Doory. You may sit now", she said, indicating the chair as she accepted the paddle.
          "Please remove your trousers."
Jose looked from one woman to the other in confusion for a moment, then shucked his pants quickly.
          "The boxers as well"
He shrugged and complied, his now mostly hard cock jutting forward.
          "Now come here"
He took a few steps around the table so that he stood directly before her and she reached up and plucked the package from his breast pocket, placing it next to her drink on the coffee table. "Wouldn't want to ruin this during any vigorous activity, now would we?" She asked.
          'I guess it will be during, then', he thought excitedly.
          "Now, I want you to pick your clothing up from the middle of my floor, fold it neatly and place it next to the chair." He did so. "Alright, lean over the arm of the couch closest to the chair and put your hands flat on the seat.
          "What!?" He stared at her blankly.
          "I want you to step over to that end of this loveseat", she pointed, "bend over the arm of said loveseat and place your hands, palms down, in front of you on the seat."
          "Woah! Wait! Hold on here! What are you talking about?"
          "Mr. Sanders", she said icily, "Do you wish to end this session right now?"
          "What? No! You mean we're starting now?"
          "Did you read the directions that you were given?"
          "Well, yeah… I wouldn't have been able to get here if I hadn't"
          "Then what seems to be the confusion?"
She cut him off curtly. "Your session was under way from the moment you arrived on the premises, which you should have known if you actually thoroughly read what you claim to have read. At this point, you have two options:
You may collect your belongings and leave, thus ending today's session and any possible hope of future sessions with me; Or you may show me that you are worth even the least amount of my effort and do what I have already told you to do. Twice. Are we clear?"

          He stood, stunned, trying to wrap his brain around the sudden turn of events, then nodded lamely and stumbled over to position himself as directed, his erection deflating along with his composure.
          There will, of course, be an additional ten strokes for your direct disobedience just now, bringing the total to sixty strokes." He stared at her in disbelief, alarm rising. He stood up and opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again and resumed his position when she leveled a cool stare at him.
          "Perhaps you were under the impression that this punishment was meant for someone else?"
          "She was totally rude to me!" He blurted out.
          "On the contrary, she was polite and professional, even friendly. You, on the other hand, were most impolite, disrespectful of my house, my rules and the simplest of instructions provided to you from the very start. Tell me, how much of your instruction sheet did you truly read?"
          "I read it", he replied, petulance creeping into his voice.
          "I asked you how much of it you read"
          "I don't know", he mumbled.
          "What was that? I didn't quite catch it." She eyed him inquisitively.
          "I don’t know", he repeated, more clearly this time.
          "I see. Where is the sheet?"
          "In my pants pocket", he said.
She nodded to Dooriya, who retrieved the slacks from their place on the floor and emptied the pockets onto the coffee table. Mirsanda fished a crumpled, rain-spotted sheet of paper from the pile. "Is this it?"
          "Yes", he acknowledged.
She carefully unfolded the paper and smoothed it out on the table in front of her, then picked up her latte, leaned back and drank half of it before speaking again.
          "Obviously", she said, breaking the silence, "you read the portion containing instruction to arrive via bus and how to do so." She paused to take another sip of her drink. "you also apparently read enough to know what time to be here, or else that was a very lucky coincidence for you."
He hung his head.
          "There is something you would like to tell me?"
          "My friend warned me to be right on time or I would be sent away", he said, barely above a whisper. It had begun to dawn on him that he may have blown his chance already.
          "I see. Did you, in fact, read anything past the directions to get here and what time you should arrive?"
          "I skimmed through it", he admitted.
          "I see", she said again. "Perhaps you would like to read it thoroughly at this time." She slid from one end of the loveseat to the end he was bent over and held the sheet of paper in front of his face. "Begin", she snapped.
          He started to read to himself.
          "Aloud!" she barked, and he jumped.
          "You may not drive or be driven, by taxi or otherwise…", be began
          "No, skip past how to get here and start with the session time"
He skipped forward and started again. "Your session will begin promptly at 7:30 in the evening, at which time you will ring the bell and wait to be summoned inside. To assist you in remembering your place for the duration of this and any further sessions, you will arrive and leave by way of the service entrance, which is located on the east side of the house near the rear..." His voice began to waver and he flushed in disgrace, realizing his error, and how he must have come off. "…You will be met at the door by a member of my staff and given further instructions at that time. Any member of my staff will be obeyed and respected as an executer of my authority in my house while you are visiting.", he read miserably. He felt like a complete idiot. He continued; "At no time will you address any of my staff, house guests, or myself by first name. You will address all guests and members of my household as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' and/or by surname with the appropriate title. You will address me as 'Ma'am' or 'Lady M' until you have earned the privilege to address me as 'Mistress'." He gulped. He had really screwed the pooch, it seemed!
          "Continue", she commanded.
He read the last paragraph. "Failure to observe any of these guidelines, or any additional instructions you are given will be cause for corrective action or dismissal. If you have any questions pertaining to these instructions or expected conduct, you will write them legibly and deliver them to your staff escort upon arriving."

She placed the page back on the table and looked at him silently.
          "Do you have anything to say?"
          "I'm sorry", he said ruefully. "I…don’t know what else to say".
          "That will do for the moment" She rose swiftly and moved to stand behind him. "You will count each stroke. If you don't count it, it doesn't count. If you lose count or count incorrectly, we start over. Is that understood?"
          "Yes… err… I mean, yes Ma'am"
          "Good. We will begin now." Jose heard a crack and felt a sudden explosion of searing pain. It took him a second to realize that the first blow had landed.
          "Hey! Ow! That really hurts!!", he yelped, standing and turning to her while rubbing his rear end."
She looked at him incredulously. "Do you think this is a game?" she snarled. "Do you think this is all just some wet dream fantasy of yours where you light my cigar, play a little slap and tickle and get your rocks off!?"

          "No Ma'am", he replied resignedly. Suddenly, he felt confused. Yes, that IS what he had thought! And he was ashamed, yet at the same time, when she started yelling at him, he felt somehow…. Right. He had a nearly irrepressible urge to kneel at her feet and beg her to punish him, not just for tonight, but for every time he had ever been arrogant, for every rudeness, every snide remark he had ever made in his life.

          "You are here to serve me. THAT is what you signed up for! The ONLY reason you weren't dismissed right away for your failure to follow directions is that a very close friend of mine is the one who helped set this appointment up, and he told me that your mutual friend had spoken very highly of you. That was enough to get you in the door, but that is ALL it is good for. Do you understand?" He felt like he was at the edge of an abyss, and he knew that if he took one step forward, he would fall and be lost. But hadn't he really been lost all his life? What was there to lose? In his mind, he took that step.
          "Yes Ma'am. I understand", he replied, and turned around and bent over the arm of the couch again. "Please Lady M, give me another chance! I can do better!" He didn't believe those words were coming out of his mouth.
          "Very well. ONE chance. Are you ready?"
          "Yes Ma'am", he said meekly, lowering his head until his forehead touched his outstretched hands.

Even knowing what was coming didn't prepare him for the blistering pain of the paddle coming down on his bare ass. He almost forgot that he was supposed to be counting. "One Ma'am!" he cried. The next blow hurt even more than the previous two. "Two Ma'am."
She continued relentlessly at a steady pace. By the twentieth, he was blubbering and trying to evade the swats. She simply motioned Doory over to hold him down, not missing a beat. At thirty, he was begging her to stop with every count, tears flowing copiously and snot running from his nose. She stopped long enough to put his slacks under his face on the loveseat, then resumed.
          "Ohh god! Thirty six Ma'am! Oh please, please stop! Please pleeeeease", he wailed. "Thirty seven Ma'am". He tried to console himself in the fact that it was more than half over. By forty, he could no longer form words to beg or even count. This hurt more than anything he had ever experienced in his life and all he could do was sob.
Mercifully, she took over the counting for him, acknowledging that he was honestly unable to make words.

Finally, it was over. His mind reeled and his entire body throbbed with the pain radiating from his buttocks.
          "This will sting" Her voice sounded like it was coming from another room. He heard a soft, hissing sort of sound. Suddenly, the pain turned white hot and he screamed. A familiar smell reached his nostrils… Alcohol. She had sprayed alcohol on him..
          "Face down on the floor", she ordered. He crumpled to the carpet, somehow having the presence of mind to bring his disheveled, damp slacks with him to keep from snotting on the carpet. Ha lay limply on the floor, drifting in and out of consciousness. He was aware of something being taped to his rear end and he could hear the two women conversing, but couldn't make sense of any words. Gradually, he started to regain his connection with reality. The conversation had stopped and when he lifted his head, he found that both women were looking at him expectantly.
          "Are you ready to drink some water now?" That was Doory… or…? He needed to ask what he should call her. He couldn't use first names, he remembered.
          "Yes please Ma'am." It came out as a weak croak.
          "On your knees", directed Lady Mirsanda. He struggled to a kneeling position, feeling new explosions of pain with every movement and shakily accepted the water bottle that was handed to him. . "Thank you Ma'am", he whispered gratefully, and took a small sip. After he had drunk a bit more, Dooriya handed him a paper towel and told him to blow his nose. It was rough on his nose, but better than his wool slacks by far!
          "Now, do you think you have learned anything Jose?", inquired Mirsanda.
          "Yes Ma'am", he replied timidly.
          "Why don't you tell me what you have learned"
          "Well, umm, first of all, that I was making a lot of assumptions and being really disrespectful, and I'm really sorry, I swear I am…"
          "This isn't the time for apologies. I asked you what you have learned"
          "Oh. Sorry… I mean, I'm sorry for.. Oh!" He put his face in his hands, frustrated with himself. After a second, he continued. "I also learned that.. well, I guess I don’t really know, other than I messed up really bad and I hope I haven't completely blown it and made Eric or anyone else besides me look bad", he said dejectedly.
          "Luckily, your friends cannot be held accountable for your foibles, so you haven't discredited anyone but yourself. However, I am willing to believe that there may be hope for you.
          "Thank you! Thank you so much Ma'am!", he said, and began crying again.
She gave him a few minutes to collect himself and then asked, "Are you ready to proceed?"
          "Yes Ma'am…if… if it pleases you Ma'am", he replied, still sniffling slightly.
          "That's much better. Now; What is this?" She pointed to the plastic bag on the coffee table. He looked up at her and quickly lowered his eyes. "It's a gift for you Ma'am", he said, suddenly feeling shy.
          "And did you think to purchase specific favors with it?" He hung his head in shame, then looked up at her pleadingly, his chin trembling.
          "Answer the question", she said sternly, "The truth."
          "Yes Ma'am", he answered dolefully, but…" He closed his mouth and put his head back down.
          "You may continue", she told him.
          "I did, but I know better now, and if you would only accept it, it would mean so much to me Ma'am. Please allow me to give it to you Ma'am." The words came out in a rush.
          "I will allow you to present it to me. Do you have any idea of how to properly present something to a Mistress?"
          "Kind of… I think", he answered.
          "Stand up, take your gift, walk to the door and give it your best shot then", she directed.
Once he got to the door of the room, he turned and walked back towards her, stopping several feet from where she sat and looking at her questioningly. She nodded to the space at her feet and he stepped forward and knelt there. He racked his brain, trying to remember what the slaves from the stories in his fetish magazines would say, but his mind was blank. She waited expectantly. He took the cigar from the bag and held it out to her.
          "Will you please accept a small gift from your humble servant Ma'am?" His voice was unsteady, his hands shook and for some reason he couldn't fathom, he was on the verge of tears yet again.
          "Straighten you back, sit back on your heels, raise your hands higher and lower your head further", she instructed. When he had complied, she she reached out and deftly plucked the cigar from his trembling hands. "Now, place your hands, palms down on your thighs". He did so and waited anxiously as she examined his offering. It was an Onyx Reserve Torbusto. She turned it in her hands, looking it over critically. She squeezed it gently between her thumb and fingertips, then brought it up to her nose and inhaled deeply. For the first time since she had entered the room, her full lips curled in the hint of a smile; And Jose let out the breath he hadn't even realized he had been holding until that moment.

"You have good taste in cigars", she complimented.
          "Thank you Ma'am", he said, looking at the floor. "It's really more of a lucky guess than anything else. I've only smoked a few kinds, but these tasted really good to me, and strong, and your profile said you prefer stronger flavours...", he explained, faltering.
          "Really?" She raised on eyebrow. "So you're relatively new to smoking cigars then?"
          "Yes Ma'am; I hope that's okay", he said apprehensively.
          "Did you claim to know any more than you truly do in your application?"
          "No Ma'am."
          "And are you prepared to learn?"
          "Anything you're willing to teach me Ma'am!"
          "Then it shouldn't pose a problem."
          "Thank you Ma'am!" He was starting to relax a bit, grateful that she seemed inclined to give him another chance. Already, his arrival at the house felt like a lifetime ago and he couldn't imagine how he could have ever thought or acted the way he had.
Now, kneeling there at her feet, he felt a peace come over him. It seemed to be the most natural place in the world for him to be. He felt like he had been adrift for years and had finally come… Home. He had an inexplicable urge to bend forward from his knees and put his lips to her boot. He felt silly, but it seemed like the right thing to do.
"Ma'am?", he said hesitantly, peeking up at her slightly.
          "Yes?", she answered.
          "Would it be okay for me to… umm…" He blushed and put his head down.
          "To what?", she inquired.
          "To uhh.. kiss your boots?", he murmured quickly, embarrassed.
          "There will be opportunity for that later", she said. "First, we are going to get some other things out of the way. I want you to think carefully before you answer this question." She paused briefly. "Is there anything else you think you should tell me about; anything you may have done that you probably shouldn't have since you got here?"
His heart sank as he remembered how he has passed the time when he was alone in the room. He very briefly considered not telling her, but he knew, on some deep level within him, that had to tell her everything.
          "Yes Ma'am, I'm afraid there is", he stopped and looked up at her. She nodded and he continued reluctantly. "While I was waiting in here, I was snooping around", he confessed.
She nodded again. "Specifically", she affirmed, you tried to get into the trunk and my desk, and you opened and pawed through my drawer here", she nodded toward the coffee table.
          He sighed heavily. "Yes ma'am. I guess you have hidden cameras?", he asked resignedly.
          "Nothing so complicated or intrusive as that", she responded. You left footprints with your wet socks on my carpet and finger smudges on every smooth surface you touched."
          "Oh." He felt like a complete idiot. He didn't know what else to say, so he simply kept his eyes on the carpet and said, "Yes Ma'am".
She didn't say anything more for a time, and the silence closed in on him like a suffocating fog. He choked back another bout of crying and waited. He dreaded another encounter with the paddle, but even more than that, he feared she would send him away after all. Finally, she broke the silence. "What do you think I should do about this?"
His voice was raw with emotion and his eyes were filled with tears that threatened to spill over any second. "I don't know Ma'am. Please, punish me however you want, but please, please don't send me away!"
          "Look at me!" She commanded.
With great effort, he raised his eyes to meet hers. She held up the paddle and asked, "Do you think you can stay still for another 30 strokes?" He swallowed hard. "I don't know, but I'll do my best Ma'am."
          "Hands and knees, facing away from me", she ordered. He assumed the position and tried to steel himself.
          "Count". She tapped him lightly with the paddle and waited. "Must a command be repeated?", she asked.
          Confused, he looked at her over his shoulder.
          "I told you to count."
          "Oh, you mean that counted as a swat?" Her forehead furrowed and he quickly backpedaled. "I'm sorry! I mean, one Ma'am!"
          "By tens"
          "Huh? Err.. I mean, I don't understand, Ma'am." Now he was even more perplexed.
          "Count by tens."
          "Oh.. Yes Ma'am. Ten Ma'am." Another light tap of the paddle. "Twenty Ma'am", he said tentatively. The next one was barely a brush of the paddle. "Thirty Ma'am?" He questioned. He wasn't sure what to think.
          "Now, turn back around and face me."
          He knelt again before her, eyes lowered.
          "Do you think that will suffice?"
          "I… I don't understand Ma'am", he stammered.
          "Do you think that you will be able to remember your manners or do you need additional correction?"
          "Oh! I will remember. I promise! Thank you Ma'am!", he said with a mixture of disbelief and gratitude.
          "Good. Then perhaps we can consider your slate clean at this point and start from there."
          "Do you mean it Ma'am?" He asked hopefully.
          "I don't say anything I don't mean." She said coolly, "But don't think for a moment that a clean slate gives you any leeway!"
          "Oh no Ma'am! I don't think that at all!"
          "Then let's begin, shall we?" With that, she stood and strode to the door. She stopped halfway through the doorway and turned back to him. "Get dressed and stand on the stones", she said, gesturing toward the fireplace, then she exited the room, closing the door with a soft click.
          Jose moved quickly to follow her instructions, pulling on his slacks and tucking in his shirt. He undid and retied his tie and tried his best to smooth out his pants and shirt, but his effort were largely futile, so he resigned himself to it and waited. The minutes ticked by and his mind wandered. He felt at odds with himself. He wanted to be angry with her, wanted to hate her. She had easily broken through all his walls and looked right through him. She had seen things in him that no one else ever had. Even he had barely glimpsed at some of those places within himself.
And he somehow felt more exposed, more vulnerable, standing there alone in the room and fully clothed than he had felt on his hands and knees presenting his bare buttocks to the Mistress.
Thirty minutes had passed, and she still had not returned or sent word. He began to wonder if he has misunderstood - if she was through with him and he should go. But no, she had told him to stand there, and stand there he would. He was sure this was a test of some sort and he was determined not to fail this time.

         After what seemed like several eternities, the latch clicked again and the door opened smoothly, admitting the Lady M. She carried the folder, as before, and strode into the room, not a single hair out of place. It was as though none of the last couple of hours had taken place.
She stopped in the center of the room and looked him over. "You must be Jose", she said, without the slightest hint of irony.
He looked at her in utter confusion, trying to get a clue as to what he should say, but she only gazed impassively at him, waiting.
         Not knowing what else to do, he simply played along. "Yes Ma'am. That is correct."
         She nodded. "Pleased to meet you Jose. I am certain that this will be the beginning of something spectacular. Wouldn't you agree?"
         "Yes Ma'am... If... if it pleases you, Ma'am", he replied. This time, her nod was accompanied by a full smile.
         "Then lets make certain that it does please me, shall we?"

©Khaos WolfKat 2005

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