History repeats Itself Again

A man and his wife in a rowe...
A little girl too young to know
That sometimes it's best to hold back your tears,
Stay out of the way and don't interfere.

Mommy walks out, the child feels the shame,
Thinking somehow that she's to blame.
If only she could act just right,
Then maybe Mommy and Daddy wouldn't fight.

But the hateful words have been conveyed.
No room for apologies to ba made.
Everyone's a loser in this game of love and war.
No one wins when the children's hearts are torn.

Now the little girl is grown;
The chance to do it over gone.
She'd vowed to never play the game.
She thinks the ending's always the same.

But now it's different, this time she's sure.
She loves her boys and her little girl.
She won't make the same mistakes!
Subject her children to that fate.

Her man and his wife in a rowe,
Their little girl, too young to know.
And so the cycle begins again.
With love and war...where no one wins.

©Khaos WolfKat 1995

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