How to Have Ultimate Freedom

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

I believe that freedom or lack thereof  is a state of mind.

We all are, ultimately, free.
With ultimate freedom comes ultimate responsibility.

When we take ownership of our choices, when we accept that we are truly responsible for our lot in life, good and bad, when we realize that everything, yes, every single event in our life (with the possible exception of   infancy and very early childhood) is caused by some choice that we have made, then we have found freedom.

You may think that some things have happened TO you and you had absolutely no choice in the matter.
Really? Is this so? Lets have an example.
Lets say that on your way home from work you were mugged and brutally beaten.

So, clearly, this is completely the doing of the muggers and you are in no way responsible for this event, right?


You chose to have the job you have, chose to go out that day, chose to leave at the time you did, chose the route that you would take, and countless other small choices that led up to your being in that place at that time.

"But that is blaming the victim!"

Well, not really..

I'm not proposing that you are somehow at FAULT, just that you played a part in the orchestration of the event.

Of course the perpetrator(s) are still guilty of wrongdoing and stand to receive consequences of their choices as well. But worrying about their choices won't free you.

Once you have accepted that you are responsible for all your choices, you are able to more clearly look at those choices and in many cases predict the possible outcome.
Of course, we can't always know the outcome, because much of the outcome is determined also by the choices of others. Not instead of yours, but in addition.

"So, how does this give me total freedom?"

Good question.

You already have total freedom.
Everyone does. Most just refuse to admit it. The fact is, we are all free to do whatever we want to do.
We are also free to experience the results of everything we do.
I am free to do pleasurable things and experience pleasure.
I am free to place my hand on a hot burner and experience pain.
I am free to invade another's right to freedom by harming or oppressing them in some way and free to experience the possibility of incarceration or other punishments.
I am free to punch you, and free to experience the black eye that you may give me in return, etc, etc, etc.

We often place restrictions on ourselves in order to avoid experiencing consequences that we feel we would not enjoy. This is often a wise thing, so long as we remember the restrictions are ours alone.

We also tend to place countless restrictions on ourselves in the name of morality, religion, taboos, mores and social expectation, and blame others for our choice.
We say that we "can't" do such and such. We hide behind so-called "rules" to avoid facing ourselves and our fears."I can't eat's against my religion", "I can't masturbate because it is against God", "I can't speak my mind at work because the boss won't like it", I can't wear this because it's immoral" "I can't move out because my boyfriend/girlfriend won't let me", "I can't.............."


You can do anything you want to do. You choose not to do these and any number of things, which is perfectly fine, but no one is stopping you from doing anything. It's all you! And no one but you has the right or authority to decide if what you do is right or wrong for you. Not "God", your best friend, your parents, your significant other, your dog, your boss, society or anything else. You choose it all!

You have ultimate responsibility for your life. Embrace it today and begin to experience the ultimate freedom that is yours along with it!!

©KhaosWolfKat 2001

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