A Faded Reflection

                                                  For Wolfe

Connected by chance, bonded by fate;
When that path crossed itself from that long ago time and place.
Our thougths so often spoken as one
Eased the fear, gave no reason to run.

You were the reflection of my heart and my soul.
We shared so many hopes and dreams and fears untold.
Do you remember that voice, the one that spoke
To that almost forgotten memory of hope?

I knew you when...
I knew you then.
I knew you when you were the one
Shining bright in my life just like the sun.

Burning the clouds away,
Making for better days.
Taking me through the demon filed halls,
Reaching out and breaking my falls.

Now there's just a shell of the one you used to be.
The beacon in the raging storm that you were to me.
Our brother, friend; my kindred soul, where have you gone?
Your loved ones miss you; we haven't seen you in so long.

What happened to your light to make it grow so dim?
Come back and let us shine for you; Trust in us, your friends.
We'll love you til you love the inner you once more.
Then we'll keep on loving you - That's what friends are for.

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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