Ode to the Cynic

     -Feel the pain or forfeit the joy-

So much easier to forsake all that could be,
To escape the pain that waits for me.
Bitter thoughts scratch the surface of a hardened heart.
Burying all the little things that could far outweight the hurt.

So afraid to open up, to love, to feel again.
If only you could take the good and leave behind the pain.
But alas, the two are intertwined,
And so, we're forced to make up our mind.

To build the wall up, tall and everstrong.
Smile when you cry inside, say there's nothing wrong.
Or let it go, break it down, let the heart soar high!
Walk through the fear, the misery - take the chance to try.

Can't have it both ways - Time to choose your road
Khow that there are those who'll help you bear the load.
Bask in the sunshine, wait out the rain.
Forfeit the joy, or feel the pain.

©Khaos WolfKat 1996

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