Confessions of a Fool

                                                                 For Sean M.
I picked myself up last time and vowed
I'd never fall again.
I'd never take the chance of hurting
To let sombody in.

Every time I let down my guard
My soul got torn apart.
And so I learned how not to care,
To hide what's in my heart.

I was doing just fine behind my walls,
Until you came along.
Now I feel that in your arms
Is right where I belong.

Each time I gaze into your eyes,
Your limpid pools of blue,
I find it hard to be convinced
That I'm a fool to fall for you.

Your presense lifts away my fear.
I don't feel the need to fight,
Or to run from my emotions.
With you it just seems right

I'm scared to take another chance.
I'm still afraid to try.
But more than that, the thing I fear
Is passing this chance by.

There's stil three words I will not say,
Not even if they're true.
But I'm willing to risk enough to say,
I deeply care for you.

©Khaos WolfKat 1991

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