Death's Bride

Night awakens to find me once again in the place of the dead.
Clothed only in darkness, with a blanket of mist on my stone bed.
Your arrival heralded by an unholy chorus and the stench of death,
Shrouded in the raiment of darkest priesthood. I turn and catch my breath.

I tremble in fear as you approach, for I know what shall transpire.
Yet, as your hands descend upon me, I quiver with impenitent desire.
The murky gloom begins to stir as a thousand denizens of Hades ascend,
To commence upon the innocents, their unsullied virgin flesh to rend.

Now begin nefarious rites and the cries of the pure give way to tortured screams.
Amidst the bloodbath, we unite, my passion rising, I yield to carnal dreams.
You bring me to forbidden bliss, my moans intermingled with wails of torment
Of those whose blood is spilled this night as together, we perform the sacrament.
Crimson fluid of carnage combines with the nectar of our unhallowed ecstasy.
My Master and eternal mate, for time immortal, your priestess shall I be.

©Khaos WolfKat 1998

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