For Owl

Lying here alone,
Wishing I could wrap myself around you,
Fall asleep in your arms for one more night.

My Senses have been reborn.
I listen with new ears to familiar songs
Hearing in the words what I have never heard before.
Touch is no longer a physical sensation,
But a journey into my soul.
My eyes see beauty
Where there was only foolishness and eventual despair.

And the scent of you has permeated my den
Kindling desires I thought did not exist for me…

The desire to memorize
Every line,
Every hair,
Every contour
Every nuance of scent
Every detail of all that is you.

The desire to remember
Forgotten dances
From lifetimes ago,
Recalled for a moment,
Holding your hands again
Becoming the dance together with you.

The desire to share
My garden.
Will you sow it with me?
Rejoice with me in the harvest?
For indeed,
I have tended my own garden too long.

©Khaos WolfKat 2002

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