Alliyssa's Turning

She arrived at the club, dressed in a modest pink top and blue denim embroidered jumper, looking all the part of the young innocent that she was. She looked around nervously for Lina, quickly realizing that she appeared very much out of place. There was no sign of Lina.

She took a closer look at her surroundings and felt even more incongruous among these people mingling in all manner of dress and undress. Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, she made her way to a cluster of futon couches and edged into a seat on the opposite end of a couch from a very masculine looking but obviously female figure clad entirely in black leather. As she scooted as close to the corner as she could get, she took in the rest of the individuals assembled on the 3 futons. To her right, a young man wearing nothing but an intricate harness made entirely of rope engaged in animated conversation with a large, beautiful, corseted woman. She looked more closely at the work of art in rope, but quickly blushed and looked away when she noticed that the ropes had been arranged in such a way to prominently showcase the man's genitals. No one else seemed to think anything of it. On the third futon, there were 3 women in nightclothes and a bearded man in boxer shorts all draped across one another cuddling and conversing as though this sort of thing were perfectly natural. She lifted her eyes to scan the room again for her absent friend and watched as an ample bodied redhead approached the seating area. She walked like a runway model and held a can of Coke in her hands before her as though it were the crown jewels.
As Alliyssa watched, the woman came to a halt a few steps before reaching the leather clad individual next to her, knelt smoothly and, in one fluid move, opened the can, turned it to face it's intended recipient and proffered it with her head lowered between her upraised arms. After the beverage was accepted, she lowered herself and kissed the masculine woman's boots before returning to kneeling. In awe, Alliyssa then turned her attention to the large area behind her. It was broken up into a number of smaller areas, each with a piece of what looked like torture equipment. Several of these "stations" were already occupied by people setting up various implements on small tables and racks. A man was running a long piece of chain through eyebolts in large structure of lattice work, the other side of which consisted of a big X with a petite Asian looking woman bound tightly to it with rope. The blond woman who had been hugging and kissing the one on the X suddenly stepped back and then lunged at her helpless partner, striking her with incredible force on the back with both hands.
         "Oh!", exclaimed Alliyssa softly in alarm. This really didn't seem like the sort of place that she should have visited in the first place, let alone anywhere she should stay a minute longer! She started to get up to leave when her path was blocked by a tall, imposing looking woman with bright, burgundy hair coming right toward her.
         "Wellllll! Look at what we have here! What on Earth is a pretty little girl like you doing…" She looked meaningfully at the various things taking place around them with a sweep of her arm. "…Here?"Flustered, Alliyssa looked up at the woman and then down at her saddle shoes.
         "Well… I, umm… was supposed to meet a friend here and that I didn't realize what sort of … place it was. I didn't even know places like this existed!" It all came out in a rush.The tall woman looked around with a barely suppressed smirk.
         "Hmmm. Your 'friend' doesn't seem to be much in evidence", she remarked, while moving in much closer to than propriety dictated and taking the girl's hand. "I am Cachtice; and you are…?"
         "Oh. Umm, Alliyssa... err.. Aly.. I mean…"
         "Allli-yeessssaaa" Cachtice rolled the name on her tongue as though she were tasting a fine wine. "Such a pretty name. It suits you. So, tell me, who is this 'friend', that sent you here without even telling you it's a lifestyle club?"
         "Her name is Lina. A what? What lifestyle?"
         "The BDSM lifestyle. You know, S&M; whips and chains?"
          "Uhh. Oh. okay.", said Aly, not really understanding at all and growing more and more uncomfortable by the second. Before she could extricate herself, the woman had launched into a series of questions, each one more personal than the last. Seemingly in the nick of time, a sweet and kindly looking woman appeared and chided her predatory friend for "scaring the poor thing". Aly looked gratefully the new woman as she pulled Cachtice closer to her, and in turn, gave the girl a little more space. Cachtice introduced the short, plump woman as Lady DeSeda and proceeded to fill her in on the situation. Instantly, sympathy and concern etched itself into the shorter woman's face.
          "You poor dear", she said. "You've been stood up!"
          "Well, yeah. It pretty much looks like it I guess, but that's okay. I don’t think this is really my… thing anyway. I was just about to go."
          "Go? Oh no! There's no sense wasting the money you paid to get in just because your friend is a no show. Stay and enjoy the fun. You can play with us!"
          "No, really. It's alright. It was only a few dollars and I just don't think I want to do any of the things here." As if to punctuate her sentence, there was a sudden sharp crack of a whip followed immediately by a shrill scream from one of the stations in the "play" area.
         "Oh, come now! it doesn't have to be all that extreme… and it's fun. you will be in total control and if at any time you don't like what is happening, it will stop. How risky can it be?"
When the Lady looked directly into Aly's eyes, she found she couldn't look away. She felt her resolve fading. Apprehensive, but more than a little titillated, she finally agreed to stay and experiment a little. After all, it was just some silk scarves they were suggesting. The two women lead her out to the "dungeon" floor to a rack and invited her to strip. Blushing, she hesitated,
         "It's alright. No one will even notice", insisted Lady DeSeda. Eye contact again rendered her compliant. She removed everything but her white, cotton panties, but in moments those too were laid to the side. The women gently tied her wrists and ankles to the rack. It wasn't at all painful, but it was secure. She hadn't realized silk was so sturdy.
They began to caress her back, arms and legs with rabbit fur gloves and she had to admit that it was really quite nice. Suddenly she was shocked by a firm smack between the shoulder blades. She cried out in alarm, but Lady DeSeda was instantly at her side, soothing her… and when asked, she confessed that it was true that it didn't really hurt, but just frightened her. More caressing with the fur and bare hands. More smacks.
Soon the smacks were as frequent as the soft touches, but they still didn’t hurt so much as infuse her body with a sensual warmth. then there was a new sensation. It felt like somehow the stroking and slapping had been combined and multiplied. She smelled leather. It was a delicious feeling. she turned to look over her shoulder and was aghast to see that Lady DeSeda was wielding a huge flogger. A part of her brain nagged at her that this was wrong.. that it shouldn't feel so good, but it was like being drugged. But there was something else happening then. In alarm, she realized that Cachtice had taken out a roll of duct tape and was taping her to the rack. She started to struggle.
         "No! Wait!"
But her protestations were ignored. Lady DeSeda set down the whip, took a ball of twine from her bag and began wrapping it around the girl and the rack, securing her even more completely than before.
         "What are you doing!?" she asked, shaken.
         "We don’t want you getting away", explained Lady DeSeda matter of factly as she placed a final knot far out of reach.


         "But you said if I didn't like it you'd stop!"
Cachtice moved back into view. "Do you always believe what total strangers tell you?", she inquired, smiling.
When she smiled, Aly caught a glimpse of a pair of unnaturally sharp incisors. 'This can't be happening!', she thought to herself. When Cachtice held up a hand topped with needle sharp claws and started toward the rack, she struggled futilely to move away.
She screamed when the claws ripped into her tender flesh. Again and again the claws slashed her body, clearly only encouraged by her screams, her pleas, her attempts to bargain. She tried in vain to appeal to the ostensibly kinder Lady DeSeda, but, though she appeared sympathetic, she continued to assist with the torments, dipping her head in to bite her abused flesh here and there, lapping greedily at the rivulets of blood flowing from what seemed like a thousand points of pain. Then one of them touched her in her most intimate of places. Even as she tried to squirm away, her treacherous body leaped with desire. They both continued touching her, rubbing her now swelling labia and pinching her hardened nipples. She wanted to beg them to stop, but instead a moan escaped her lips. Against her will, she was wet with desire. A hand coated with her own musky juices was placed in her mouth and, unable to stop herself, she sucked each finger clean. Then the hand brought a new taste to her mouth. Rich and somewhat metallic.. As she lapped the fingers clean again, she realized with horror what she was tasting. She was drinking her own blood. Repulsed and panicked, yet strangely tranquil, overwhelmed by the sensations, she lost conciousness.

Moments later, she was brought around by repeated slapping and judicious application of ice, and through a pain/pleasure tinted haze, she heard one of them say, "I think she is ready". Ready for what, she wondered muzzily. A blade flashed into her line of vision and she tried to scream,it just seemed like too much effort. The knife easily sliced through the bonds holding her. A hand in the hair at the back of her neck dragged her head back as she clung to the wood of the rack. Cachtice's wickedly sharp teeth were at her jugular, a hand still working feverishly in her nether regions, expertly drawing her closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy. The moment the fangs sunk into her delicate neck, she was lost in orgasm, warm wetness gushing simultaneously over the hand at her crotch and into the mouth at her neck, a glut of crimson fluid overflowing and spilling over her chest and down, to mingle with her ejaculatory juices running down her legs. Then Cachtice's mouth was on hers, offering a kiss and… more… Tentatively at first, she took a small taste of the ruby liquid into her mouth, then took it all, greedily licking the insides of the mouth that fed her, the points of the teeth, trying to capture every last drop. Then forgetting her quest for her offering and simply melting into the kiss, her arms flung around her captor, still bucking against the hand that was squeezing yet another rush of pleasure, pain and, finally, another mind bending climax that ripped a scream of pleasure from her throat and soaked the sheet and towel on the floor beneath her. As she collapsed, she was caught by two pair of arms and lowered gently to the floor, a blanket materializing out of nowhere and soothing hands caressing her face. She watched curiously as Cachtice used one of her claws to make a deep cut in her own wrist, opening up a vein and then held it out to her. Enthralled, she brought her mouth to the cut and drank deeply until Lady DeSeda gently pulled her away.
         "No more for now. Too much from an elder so soon after making can overwhelm you." Said Cachtice.
         "What do you mean?", Aly asked.
         "You are one of us now, dear", smiled Lady DeSeda.

©Khaos WolfKat 2005

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