It was a few minutes after 5pm and downtown was the usual chaotic bustle of everyone trying to put as much distance as possible between the office and themselves. I sure could understand that on this particular day! The day had been nothing but stress and all I wanted to do was stretch out in front of my fireplace with a good cigar, my latest guitar mag and a cup of gourmet cocoa. Oh yeah, and Mario had said he had a surprise waiting for me after work today. All the more reason to hurry home! Damn!! I remembered just as I was about to get on the bus that my humidor was empty. My shipment had been delayed and wouldn’t arrive for at least another several days. Well.. I was pretty sure the smoke shop a few blocks back was still open. Not really wanting to go another step in the heels I had to wear at the office, but driven by my craving for a stogie, I headed in the direction of the smoke shop. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed what I was almost sure was the same guy who had been waiting for the bus with me a few feet behind me. Hmm… better keep an eye on him… one just couldn’t be too careful in the city these days. When I got to the shop, he was a little farther behind and seemed to be more intent on his headphones than on what I was doing. A little more at ease, I walked in the door and was immediately enveloped in the sweet/spicy scent of good tobacco from all sides.
With a wave at the shopkeeper, I headed straight back to the walk-in humidor. Just my luck that week, they were out of Fuentes. As I was looking around the room, hoping to discover a stray Fuente that had been set down in the wrong spot, the proprietor walked in and informed me that they had a shipment due but it was delayed...probably for the same reason mine had been, whatever that was. Disappointed, I accepted the suggestions of a couple different brands to try. As a long time patron of the shop, they had come to know my tastes pretty well and I hadn’t been steered wrong yet. I paid for my sticks and headed for the door.

The guy was still there, just a few yards away and now he appeared to be talking to his wristband as he glanced up at me. Great! Not only was I being followed, but it had to be a nutcase too. I quickened my step a bit and headed back toward my bus stop. Stealing a quick look back, I confirmed what I was already pretty sure of. He was still less than half a block behind me, the light at the corner had just stopped flashing don’t walk and he wasn’t slowing down. I spotted a couple of beat cops about halfway up the next block and decided it would be a great time to stop and chat with them… that oughtta discourage the wacko.
I decided, after making sure I was in no danger of getting run over, to walk against the light. The worst that could happen is that I’d wind up talking to those cops just a bit sooner.

Just as I was about to step off the curb, a blue van whipped around the corner and, before I knew what was happening, the headphone/wristband guy was pushing me into the side sliding door while someone else was grabbing me from inside the vehicle! I didn’t even have time to open my mouth to scream before a large, strong hand was clamped over my mouth and any attempt at escape, at least for the moment, seemed out of the question, as the owner of the hand that was keeping me silent was using the same arm to pin my arms to my body and the other arm to hold my legs. I was being held so that all I could really see was the door and floor of the van, and it was dark enough inside that I could barely even see that. My main captor, the one holding me, shifted my body so that he could speak very quietly directly into my ear, “In a few seconds, I am going to remove the hand from your mouth. You will not scream or yell. You will not even speak until I have given you permission. Is that understood?” He loosened his hold on me just enough so that I could nod. True to his word, seconds later, my mouth was uncovered and, much to my amazement, I didn’t immediately start screaming my head off. For some reason, it just seemed natural to obey this man.
“Okay”, my logic pointed out, “It really makes more sense to assess the situation before deciding on a plan of action.”, but I was still a bit disturbed by the fact that my compliance seemed to come just a bit too easily. Deciding to try a little less cooperation, I began straining against the arms that held me fast…After all, I didn’t have to make this easy on them. It became immediately apparent that I may as well have been chained for all the good my efforts did me! This guy truly had arms like steel. My struggles didn’t even seem to faze him, despite the fact that in addition to being a big girl, I’m a pretty strong individual. His massive chest rumbled as he let out a low chuckle at my attempts. At this point, I expected some sort of repercussion, or at least a warning or threat, but all my resistance garnered seemed to be amusement. While suffering no chastisement was probably a good thing, it also made me feel a lot more helpless; not to mention considerably more unsettled!
So, it seemed that all I could do at that point was wait. It occurred to me that I could demand to know what the hell was going on, but his order of silence echoed in my memory and again, I felt strangely compelled to obey.

Realizing that this may be a long drive, and tiring myself out by continuing to hold every muscle coiled and ready to spring into action when no action was possible would be a waste of my resources, I relaxed into the iron grip that held me. I was rewarded with a murmur of approval and a slight loosening of his grasp on me. With nothing to do but wait, I began to try and take stock of my situation and surroundings.
There were at least 3 people in the van; the driver, the man holding me and the one who had trailed me. It was still too dark to see anything more than vague shapes, but it looked like the two men were the only ones in the back with me. There appeared to be some sort of security partition between the back and the passenger compartment, but not one that prevented me from hearing a conversation carried on in undertones from the front. So, there was at least one more occupant in the van. Not horrible odds, as far as numbers went. After all, some of my previous affiliations had provided me with ample combat training and I had fought up to six people successfully before, but this time I was at a major disadvantage! Most of the fighting I had done was against common thugs. My captors were clearly more organized than that! And besides, the closest thing to a weapon I had was a nail file in my purse, and that had been taken from me as I was being herded into the van.
I strained to hear what was being said in the front, but all I could make out was the soft cadence of voices. No wait, that laugh was definitely female! The throaty laugh reminded me of Vivian. I wondered if  I'd ever see her again..Or Mario, or anyone I knew.

After several turns and stops, the van picked up speed and it soon was apparent that we were on the freeway. I was disoriented enough that I couldn't tell which one, but from the distance that I figured we'd gone before the steady speed, I guessed it was most likely either 5 or 90. After what seemed like at least an hour with no variation in speed to speak of and no indication that the drive would be over anytime soon, the man still holding me spoke again, this time to the headphone guy. "So, what's the inventory?" suddenly the back of the van was flooded with light. After a second, I realized that it was only a small penlight, but my eyes had gotten used to the dark. Headphone guy had my purse and my bag from the smoke shop in his lap and was now going through my purse. "All the usual. Wallet, makeup, keys, odds and ends, scraps of paper with phone numbers, little black book, lots of boyfriends it looks like!" he laughed with a leer at me. "What's this!" He pulled out my gold plated cigar lighter and punch. They were both gifts from Mario and were monogrammed with his initials. He set those down beside him and opened my wallet. "No money to speak of, just plastic in here. It's the right girl though." He said as he studied my driver's license.
After stuffing everything but the lighter and punch back into my purse, he fished one of the cigars out of the bag and shined the light on it. "Good taste", he said, looking at me as he offered it to his cohort. The larger man looked down at me and said gently, "Now don't bother trying anything stupid." and lowered me to the floor of the van before taking the proffered stogie. "Very nice, a Torceador!" He commented as he put the cigar into his mouth. After wetting the end a bit, he reached over and took my punch and deftly put a hole in the end. Then used my lighter to fire it up. Great! I was being kidnapped, probably robbed and who knew what else, and these assholes were going to smoke my cigars too! Thanks a lot! I was just about angry enough to disregard the order to be silent and start raising hell when I felt something being pressed against my mouth. After my initial panic, I realized that it was my cigar. I wanted to turn my head and tell this guy exactly where he could put that cigar, but instead I found myself accepting it and inhaling. And despite the circumstances, I had to admit that it tasted good. Not only that, but it had a strange calming effect on me as well. When he reached to take it back, rather than clamp down with my teeth like I had planned, my mouth willingly released it. What was that!? A few seconds later, I was given another drag and another. Then the low, smooth voice of the "muscle guy" said, "open your mouth."
This was it. This was where it was going to go from bad to worse. I wanted to fight, but my body seemed to be ignoring commands from my brain. My mouth opened seemingly on it's own and something was placed inside. "Close." He commanded. Confusion! I tasted rich chocolate. I recognized the taste as a double chocolate Frango, my favorite chocolate to enjoy with a cigar. Then he continued to periodically place the stogie in my mouth for me to inhale. What was going on!? Why were kidnappers feeding me chocolate and letting me smoke a cigar? Was this akin to a "last meal"? And where was my fighting streak? Was I so easily pliable that I would allow this to happen to me for a little piece of candy!?
I was jarred from my reverie by a sudden change in speed, followed by a stop and another series of turns. We were now on some kind of uneven terrain. I guessed a dirt road. One with lots of twists and turns! Finally, the van pulled to a stop and I heard the sound of the two front doors opening and closing. Effectively putting any ideas of making a break for it out of my head, I was quickly and efficiently bound hand and foot and blindfolded. "Don't want to take chances", said muscle guy, not unkindly as he lifted me to his chest to carry me…wherever it was we were going.

Soon after, I was sitting on the thickly carpeted floor of a smallish, sparsely but expensively furnished room rubbing the spots where the bindings had been on my wrists and ankles. The only furniture was a desk and two chairs. One beside where I sat, the other behind the desk. The former was occupied by the muscular man who had just set me down and unbound me, the latter by an older man in a tailored suit. He had been sitting casually with his feet resting on the desk while he waited for the other man to finish and sit. Now he swung his feet to the floor and looked over the desk and down at me. "I am looking for a photographer", he said, matter of factly. "I believe you can help me." "In fact," he continued, "I am looking for a specific photographer. I believe he may be interested in trading some film in his possession for some property we have of  his in ours." Oh no! This was beginning to make sense… sort of. What was Mario involved in?
What film? And why was it worth committing a felony to get. Mario was a legitimate businessman! What pictures could he possibly have that could…
My train of thought was abruptly cut off by the sound of the older man clapping his hands twice sharply. Out of habit, I assumed a wide kneeling position, sitting on my heels with my palms upturned on my thighs. "That's better!" He barked. "Now! Where is he?" I flushed with shame at so easily assuming this pose for a man who I not only didn't know, but was obviously an enemy. I remained silent. After a moment, muscle guy spoke softly.
"It would really be better if you cooperated."
"Yes, you had better listen to Angel. He seems to have taken a liking to you. He asked me not to hurt you, but that all depends on how well you behave."
(Angel, so that was his name. Good name for him..he certainly looked like he could be one…) Why the hell did I care about his name!? Other than to remember if I get out of here so I can tell the police! And how in the world could I fixate on his looks? Granted, he was very attractive, Tall, well built, tan, features just squarish enough to keep him from having a baby face, long hair, chestnut brown and intense green grey eyes, but this man was a KIDNAPPER!
Okay, so how to get out of here unharmed... All they wanted was some film. Surely that wouldn't be a problem!
"He's out on his boat, I think. I'm sure he has the mobile phone with him. I know the number. He'll give you whatever you want as long as nothing happens to me."
"We'll see about that." Something about his sneer and tone of voice chilled me. "What's the number?" I recited the number from memory and listened to him dialing the number on the speakerphone. As he waited for an answer, he demanded silence until he decided otherwise.
"Yes?" came the slightly accented voice from the speaker.
"Hello Mario."
"Hello, who's this?"
"You have something I want."
"What are you talking about? Who is this?"
"I think I have something you want as well." He smiled and walked around the desk to stand in front of me. He snapped his fingers and motioned me to rise. When I didn't move, he grabbed my hair and roughly yanked me to my feet, causing an involuntary yelp to escape me.
From the speaker, "What was that? Who is this!" What the hell is going on? Whoever you are, I don't have time for games! This isn't funny!"
"Oh no Mario, it isn't funny at all… Is it my dear?" he spoke the last to me as he suddenly reached out and pinched and twisted my nipple through my blouse until I cried out.
"Who's there?" Demanded Mario's voice, sounding worried now.
"Go on, tell him." I was pushed into the edge of the desk hard enough to elicit another grunt of pain.
"Vivian? Is that you? Kaitlynn?" At that moment, I started to cry. He sounded so distressed. "It's okay hon, calm down. Are you hurt?" he asked.
"She's not yet." Said the older man sharply, "and whether that changes in the near future depends on your willingness to do business."
I heard a muffled "Oh god!" from the phone and then the sound of a throat clearing. His voice steady now, Mario said, "What do you want?" "We want the film." Long pause…
"Yes, the film."
"What film?"
"You don't want to play this game! Angel, the knife."
"Boss wait…."
"Now!" Angel reached to his belt and unclipped a small knife and unfolded it.
"Look, he whispered into my ear, I don't want to do this, tell him to just give us the film"
The speaker again, "I don't know what you're talking about…"
At a gesture from the "boss", Angel gathered my blouse and bra and in a swift motion, cut them from me. The knife was now tracing idly along my chest.
"Mario please! Give them what they want!" I yelled, voice shrill.
"Baby, I would if I knew…"
"Enough of this!" Said the boss as he terminated the call. "Bleed her! We'll see how her bloodied clothes delivered to him changes his tune" And he walked out, slamming the door behind him.
I looked at the man left in the room with me. He had said he didn't want to do this, maybe my charms would work on him; But for someone who didn't want to cut me, he sure seemed to be enjoying toying with the blade against my flesh.
I realized then that I was arching my back and exposing myself more openly to the blade in his hand. What was wrong with me! It was one on one now. Even with the knife there, I could gain the upper hand. I had the skill. Why didn't my training or instinct kick in? Angel moved behind me and gently pushed me so I was leaning forward with my hands on the desk. He began caressing my bare back with one hand. "You know," he said, "I can make this cutting thing a lot more pleasant for you if you like. I have to follow orders, but I can choose how I do it."
I looked over my shoulder at him in disbelief. Was he suggesting what I thought he was suggesting!? As I stood there, motionless, he walked to the door and double locked it, then returned to his place directly behind me. Some part of my mind registered that I had just let several more opportunities to disarm him and get away go by.
"Would you rather just get it over with? I'll let you choose where I cut if you want, but I'd rather make it easier for you."
He had resumed his caresses on my back and was occasionally raking his nails lightly down my spine. I shivered. My mind was reeling in confusion. I shouldn't, COULDN'T be feeling what I was feeling, but when I looked down, I saw that my nipples were indeed as hard as it felt like they were, and I realized that I was breathing much faster, and not all from fear either.
"Are you insane?" I snapped at him, angry enough at my body's betrayal of me to sound a lot more steady than I felt. His hands on me were maddening. I should have been fighting, but instead my body was swaying into his touch as he pressed his body against mine.
"At any time," he said, ignoring my question "I'll stop and we'll just keep this businesslike. But you have to tell me to stop."
"STOP!" But the scream never made it to my lips. Instead what came out of my mouth was a low moan as he reached around to cup my left breast with one hand while leaning in and nibbling where my right shoulder meets my neck. The knife was now tracing lazy shapes across my back. It was enough to raise welts, but not to break the skin. His left hand stopped fondling my breast and moved down my chest, across my belly and to the zipper on the side of my skirt. A whisper in my ear, "I'll stop whenever you want, just say the word." When I didn't reply, he slowly pulled the zipper down and let my skirt fall to the floor at my feet. His hand moved to the top of my panties and his nail traced along my belly just above the waistband, then down my hip, and over and back up my inner thigh. He did the same thing on the other side, but this time let his fingers trail up the center of my panties on the way back up. "Your panties are wet. Shouldn't we get you out of them?" "Mm hmm." (WHAT? Was that my voice that just said that?) A quick flick of the knife and a moist bit of lace and elastic joined the skirt on the floor. He set the blade on the desk, I could reach it if I tried. Why didn't I? His right hand now unencumbered, he reached down and covered my pubic mound with his hand, squeezing the flesh rhythmically until my hips were moving of their own accord, as his left continued it's travel up and down my body. Expertly, he slipped two fingers between my slick lips and into me, circling my clit with his thumb as he moved against me from behind, now obviously aroused. His left hand stopped its explorations to unfasten his belt and slacks and release his large erection from its confines. The smoothness of his shaft was now rubbing against the cleft of my buttocks and the part of my brain that tried to tell me this shouldn't be happening was clearly outvoted. He whispered again that he would stop if I asked, I hardly heard. He produced a small package then and unrolled a condom onto his hardness. He positioned himself so that the length was settled between my lips and started slowly moving back and forth. This combined with what his hand was still doing was too much for me, I shuddered and moaned as I came harder than I had in months. That was followed almost immediately by another series of orgasms even more intense.
He stopped moving suddenly. "I should stop! You might be afraid to tell me to stop."
"Uhhhh! NO!" I wailed/moaned. "PLEASE! Don't stop!"
"Are you positive you don't want me to stop?" he asked.
"No! Yes! I mean yes! Fuck me!" I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth! I sounded like some porn chick or something! I didn't care. At those words, he thrust into me and pumped hard nonstop until I came more times than I could count and had moaned myself hoarse. When he finally came with me for the last time, we both collapsed onto the carpet, completely spent.
He wrapped his body around me, spoon style and said, "I guess there's something I ought to tell you..." The cutting...He hadn't done it. He was about to tell me that he still had to do it… There was a knock on the door. "Never mind, he can tell you himself." He said, smiling as he got up to unlock the door. Confused, I looked up at him questioningly. He just smiled and opened the door. Mario and the older man from earlier walked in, arm in arm, chatting like long lost brothers both grinning ear to ear, closely followed by Vivian and headphone guy, also smiling hugely. I looked in confusion from face to the next, completely stupefied. Mario came over, leaned down and put his arms around me and hugged me tight. Then he looked up and said, "Babe, I'd like you to meet my good friend Joseph, pointing at the older guy. He smiled and waved at me. Then Viv knelt beside me and hugged me too. "How ya doin' sweetie?" She asked and kissed me soundly on the cheek. She indicated Headphone guy. "Meet Benjamin, my sweetheart from back home, and I believe you've already acquainted yourself with my lascivious cousin here." she said with a wink at Angel. My mind was starting to put the pieces together, but still spinning too fast for me to get a grasp on the situation just yet. "What?" was all I could get out. Mario spoke first. "I told you I had a surprise for you this evening, didn't I?" NOW I understood! Two months ago I had mentioned my "kidnapping fantasy" to Viv when we were watching some movie that reminded me of it. It was shortly after that that she suggested the park and ride to me to save me money on parking downtown. The busses were so convenient, she had told me (which actually turned out to be kinda true). They had planned this for me! No wonder that laugh reminded me of Viv! She had been the driver! To think that when I was wondering if I'd see her again, she was a couple feet away from me! While she and Mario told me how they had planned it out, Joseph, Ben and Angel excused themselves and left the room, reappearing shortly after with a folding table, more chairs and Chinese take out. "Now, Mr. Chiavelli," said Joseph firmly, "About that film…" As it turned out, Mario, always the photographer, had caught every bit on film with hidden cameras, even in the darkness of the van using infrared lighting and equipment for that part. "I'll make a copy for you after I get it all put together and she gets a chance to watch it", he promised.

©Khaos WolfKat 2002

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