I Do

I say your name and shed a tear.
Not in longing for what we had, but for what I wish we had.
For what could have or should have or might have been.
A broken dream.

I don’t cry anymore over the hurts.
Not from the yelling and pushing or bruises or threats.
Not even from my prison sentence served in suburbia.
I’ve been released.

I’m left with a handful of wishes
And a few good times thrown in with a waking nightmare.
Bits and pieces; inside jokes no one else understands.
“Had to be there”.

I fell in love with an ideal.
I never saw the side of you that hated me - ‘til it was too late.
All the things we’ll never do together, shattered like our vows.
With death of a dream do us part.

©Khaos WolfKat 1998

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