It had started out as a joke about what a nice rack it would make, but now, somehow, here I was, tied to the lifeguard stand right out in the open. It's a good thing it was so late, but there was still the potential late night jogger who may come upon me in this state. He had told me how beautiful I looked hanging on to the bars as though I were tethered there and I vaguely recalled issuing some challenge about keeping me that way. The next thing I knew, I was crushed between the ladder and his body, one of his hands grasping the back of my hair, pulling my head back to bite my neck, the other securing both of my hands to the cold metal railing. After a couple minutes of licking and biting my neck, throat and shoulders, he let go of my hair, but only so he would have a hand free to briskly remove one of my stockings and bind my wrists with it. Now that my hands were more securely attached to the railing, he was free to take his time about removing the other stocking, caressing both legs, running his nails up and down the backs of my legs and gently nipping at my exposed ankle with his teeth, before ever so slowly rolling the silken material down my leg and off my foot.

He stood abruptly, dangling the stocking between his thumb and forefinger and eyeing me thoughtfully. "Now what shall we do with this?" he wondered aloud as he softly grazed my bare arms with it. "It would make a dandy gag, or maybe we could tie your ankles to the bars too." I looked up at him, wide eyed. Just as I opened my mouth to attempt some sort of protest, he pressed his body against mine again, pulling my hair and biting my neck and softly growled into my ear, "Are you about to tell me you don't like this?" as he raked his nails up my back, sending shivers up and down my spine. "Mmmph", I half whimpered, half moaned. As I watched, he produced a very sharp and menacing looking knife from his belt, pulled the front of my blouse up a bit and pressed the flat of the cold blade against my bared midriff, bringing a gasp and a rush of excitement. Then he started tracing the point lightly up and down my belly and sides, and it's a good thing I was tied to the bars, 'cause my legs completely turned to rubber! "I think you're getting too hot for all these clothes." He said, and with no further warning took the knife and cut my blouse right off me. "But… Someone will see!" I whispered urgently. He reminded me that as long as I was still wearing the little piece of lace I called a bra, it was perfectly legal, and besides, as long as I didn't make any noise to draw undue attention, no one would notice a thing. And with that, he proceeded to slice my skirt as well, yanking and ripping it the rest of the way off once he had cut it most of the way. Next, tied my ankles to the poles, one with my remaining stocking, and the other with my blouse… what was left of it, anyway. Once I was basically spread-eagled there, he went to work with the blade against my skin again, using the sharp tip to trace all over my exposed skin, raising little welts here and there. "Don't move!" he suddenly commanded, grabbing a fistful of the back of my hair. He put the blade's point to the side of my neck, slowly and very lightly dragging it across my throat, up my chin and touching the cold steel to my lips before putting it back in his belt and covering my mouth with his in a savage kiss, his hands roaming my exposed flesh to caress, pinch, torture and tease without mercy until I thought I would surely lose my mind. His right hand dropped to cup my mound through my panties, while he pinched my nipples with his left, and went back to licking and biting my neck and throat. After a couple minutes of lightly caressing my pubic mound, he slipped his hand down the front of my panties and pinched my clit between his first two fingers, then began moving his hand in small circles. Just when I was sure I would not be able to keep from moaning loudly and coming, he clamped his other hand over my mouth and nose and bit the side of my neck so hard that I screamed into his hand.

And then I couldn't breathe. He was pinching my nostrils closed and his hand was still sealed on my mouth. Panic! Now I started to struggle for real, but my body was held fast. I tried to turn my head away, but he tightened his grip on me even more. The world started going dim and all of the sudden he moved his hand and pinched my nipple hard enough that I would have screamed if I hadn't been too busy gasping in air that somehow tasted sweeter than it ever had before. And now he was moving his hand against my clit again, then stroking the insides of my lower lips, pressing with the heel of his hand just above my clit. When I was right on the edge again, he closed off my mouth and nose again, but this time he kept working my clit. I was near panic again, but I was too close to the verge of orgasm to care. Part of my mind was screaming that I would die here, but the rest was lost in the first wave of my climax. I could faintly hear him whispering in my ear, telling me to come for him, that I was a good girl, then telling me to breathe… And I realized that his hand had moved again and I could breath again. He put his mouth on mine then and his kisses muffled my moans. I was beyond worrying about anyone hearing me by that point. I don't think I even knew where I was anymore at that moment!

After several minutes of holding me, he reached down and untied my ankles, then, holding me firmly, untied my wrists and placed my arms around his neck. Somehow, he managed to get his shirt off and onto me without letting go of me and then sort of half carried me back to the car, where he sat me down and grabbed a blanket from the trunk for me to wrap up in, and all the way back to my place, he kept telling be how well I'd done and how proud of me he was. All I knew was that I would never look at a lifeguard tower the same way again!

©Khaos WolfKat 2002

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