BB, anarchy,"democracy", money hungry bastards, etc...

Before you decide to throw in the towel and abstain from voting this (or any) election - before you give up on trying to live a free thinking life and choose oppression because you don't think you really have a choice anymore anyway, really think about what those choices will mean, not just for you and the rest of us over the next 4 years, but for generations to come!

Yes, Big Brother *is* watching! There's no doubt about that! Yes, democracy is a fucking joke in this country (USA). It is also true that this country's government holds material things/monetary value in much higher regard than human life.. These things don't stop me from voting, even though I'm tempted sometimes, because even though a lot of times our vote doesn't matter for shit, it's a right we fought for and I'm not about to fall into what I believe is a trap of the capitalists.. If enough of us throw up our hands and stop voting, we give them even MORE power!! They already have way too much. We need to make full use of the rights we still have before they are completely lost. I have seen so many of our rights go right out the window.. especially recently. I live in Seattle, Washington and was one of the protesters at WTO. I saw firsthand many crimes committed by those who WE pay to uphold the law and protect us, the citizens! I agree that total anacrchy as most people view the word would absolutely not work, however, what we have isn't working either. Incedentally, I've been looking into democratic socialism as an alternitive.. I don't like it completely either, but it's a good model for an alternate system, or lack therof, more to the point. Right now the majority of the US population is still a bunch of fucking sheep! They have them lowered to herd mentality through advertising and mass consumerism. Don't think for even a second that big corporations, the media and the government aren't all one and the same, designed to cow us into voluntarily giving up all personal choice, and for those of us who refuse, they try their hardest to take it by force! This is only the land of milk and honey if you already have your own, or if you want Uncle Sam to be your sugar daddy! and while there may be benefits to having a sugar daddy and having all you needs taken care of for you, don't forget that you have to put out for it, so bend over!

©Khaos WolfKat 02-17-00

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