Metal Awards 2001

Let 'em have their Grammys..Here are the results of your votes for REAL Metal!

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Best band (that had a release this year):

Blind Guardian

Best Operatic Metal release:

Therion - Secret Of The Runes

Best Folk Metal release:

Cruachan - Folk Lore

Best prog metal release:

Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element

Best Power Metal release:

Nightwish - From Wishes To Eternity

Best Melodic Death Metal release:

Opeth - Blackwater Park

Best Brutal Death Metal release:

Krisiun - Ageless Venemous

Best Grindcore release:

Exhumed - Slaughtercult

Best Doom Metal release:

My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours

Best Black Metal release:

Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

Best Gothic Metal Release:

Tristania - World Of Glass

Best Thrash:

Slayer - God Hates Us All

Best Heavy Metal release:

Iced Earth - Horror Show

Best compilation/soundtrack release:

Contaminated 7.0

Best live album:

In Flames - Tokyo Showdown

Most Original Album:

Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence

Best Sleeve:

Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

Best Stage Performance:

In Flames

Best Newcomers in 2001:


Best Demo:

Circle Of Grief - Into The Battle

Best comeback:


Best Song:

Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence

Cheesiest Lyrics:


Biggest Disappointment:

Angra - Rebirth

Worst album:

(No Votes)

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