Norwescon Friday Afternoon High Protocol Tea Social

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Latest News

Updated: 2020.03.13

Unfortunately, we have just learned today that Norwescon 43 is officially cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, so there will be no NWC Tea this year.

It is our hope that we can host a replacement event this year, with a similar theme and menu, but that will, of course, depend on the status of COVID-19 and any restrictions on social gatherings. We will be sending out notices of future events as soon as more is known, so please use the RSVP form to let us know if you would like to be included in that mailing.

Please stay safe and healthy, don't panic, and wash your hands!

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What it is

This is an annual (mostly), high protocol, semi-formal tea, held on Friday afternoon at the Sea-Tac Doubletree Hotel, a few miles South of Seattle, during Norwescon. This event, when held, always occurs the Friday prior to Easter Sunday.

The event and service have definite D/s elements, although participation in D/s activities is strictly optional.

Whether you enjoy being served and pampered (or doing the serving and pampering) on a regular basis, or have always wondered what it would be like and would like to try it out in a no-pressure environment, this is a great opportunity.

This is a private gathering, rather than an open room party, and there is limited seating/space, so unless you are a personal guest of Khaos, filling out the RSVP form in advance is required in order to attend. For more details, see, How and when to send an RSVP.

You do NOT have to be registered for the convention to attend the Tea

A notification will be posted in the FetLife group each year, with a link to the FetLife event page once it is up.

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Date, Time & Theme ~ 2020

Date: Pending

Time: Pending

Location: Pending

Theme: It's a Mad, Mad Wonderland!

It's a mad tea party with a wondrous theme! Or is it a wondrous tea party with a mad theme!? Either way, it will be wondrous, mad, and themed in a madder manner of the most whimsical of wonderlands, glimpsed through a ludicrous looking glass, so gyre and gimble in in your glibbest garb and grab some grub and guzzle a glass or two of tasty teas to tide the time!

Awards given for best on-theme costumes:

• Best authentic recreation from the books or films (Any version - citation needed if not obvious)

• Best twist on a traditional character

• Funniest costume

• (More categories TBA - sugestions welcome!)

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What to expect

While it is high protocol, the atmosphere will be casual and comfortable for the guests.

Guests should expect an opportunity to relax, socialise, play games, and/or be entertained and made comfortable whilst being served tea and snacks.

Servers will maintain proper protocol when serving, at least at the level of a butler or maid, even if not engaging in D/s.

Servers will have an opportunity to enjoy the snacks and beverages, but will be expected to spend most of their time in service.

Guests are welcome to bring their own servants, slaves, etc, as personal servers (serve only you) or to serve everyone. It is up to you.

(Please note that even if serving only you, they will be required to take some direction from the head server, as it affects the handling of my supplies)

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We are working on arranging for a demo from Friday Elliot, of the Friday Afternoon Tea, tea shop. She will delight us with her Tea Wizardry, sharing knowledge of tea history, culture, customs, and more!

Servers or guests who perform for our entertainment will be lavishly rewarded with gourmet chocolates and other treats! All body types and genders/non genders are celebrated here.
Some examples of entertainment are:

• Dance (slave dance, belly dance, or any other sort, really)

• Singing (filk or otherwise)

• Lip sync

• Playing an instrument

• Magic tricks

• Any other talents!

Let us know in the comment section of your RSVP form if you'd like to share your talents with us!

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This is an alcohol and drug free space. Please respect that and do not bring any with you or arrive impaired. (This includes marijuana, with an exception for having it on your person, so long as it stays put away whilst visiting my room.)

ALL guests and servers must be 18 years of age or older!

No means no. Yes means yes. Nothing which goes beyond the boundaries of explicit consent will be permitted.

Consensual non-consent and TPE relationships will be respected, of course, however, if it isn't made clear to me by all parties involved, I will err on the side of caution.

Some light play and "funishment" will be permitted and encouraged, but this is not a play party or a sex party. (Play party might happen later, and will be by personal invite only!)

Servers may at any time request permission to report to the head server or hostess, if they become uncomfortable with any requested service or actions from a guest (or anyone). This is to be viewed as equivalent to using a safe word, and the server should be immediately released to report.

By the same token, guests may at any time send a server to report to the head server or hostess. When a server reports to the lead server or hostess, we will do whatever is needed to resolve any issues in a way that is best for everyone.

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Dress Code

Guests and personal servers are encouraged, but not required, to dress up.

"Dressing up" can mean formal attire, costumes, fetish wear, cocktail dress, or whatever makes you feel beautiful/dashing.

Servers will be required to dress up to some degree at least, (NOT jeans, sweats, t-shirts, etc) but should not wear anything that will restrict movement to the point of not being able to serve food and beverages.
Servers are strongly encouraged to dress according to theme!

Clothing should be "hall safe" (AKA street legal) upon arrival. Nudity may or may not be allowed during the event, depending on the comfort level of all attendees.

Genitals and "cracks" must be covered throughout food service.

For everyone's comfort and safety, please keep bare bums and bits off the furniture/carpet. We will happily provide towels to sit on, if needed.

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Photo Policy (and Photographer Opportunity)

Photos will be allowed at the event, within the following guidelines:

• You must check with the hostess or head server before taking any photos.

• Consent must be obtained in advance from all parties who may appear in any photos, including in the background.

• Attendees will be notified if/when photos are being taken.

Additionally, we will be taking photos during the event - mostly of the layout, food, and drink, however, we will absolutely be willing to take pics of you, at your request, and send them to you.

I would also be potentially interested in having someone as the "official" event photographer, so, if you are a photo hobbyist, professional, or aspiring professional and want something unique for your portfolio, let me know, using the RSVP form, below.

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You need not have any experience in serving to serve at the Tea, or any of our hosted events. All you need is the desire and ability to follow directions.

Servers will be required to arrive an hour prior to the event start time, in order to help set up and to receive any needed instruction on proper tea service, protocol, and the like. This is required no matter how experienced you may be.

All servers will be under the supervision of the lead server, and be expected to follow his directions. He will, of course, also be on hand to help you if you run into any issues.

Servers may be asked to provide entertainment (This is NOT 'code' for sexual services!!), dance, massage, hand feeding, or other services, but will not be pressured to do anything beyond their comfort level.

Servers who are comfortable with or desiring a D/s level of service will be given a token to wear, making their availability for D/s service clearly visible.

"Naughty service" is absolutely an option. What is Naughty service? Well, that is the sort of thing for which which brats, SAMs, and such are notorious, and "punished". (Deliberate "misunderstanding", dropping the napkin, a smudged - real or imaginary - glass, etc) It can be lots of fun!

Only those wishing to receive "naughty service" will do so. Unless specified, proper, preferably flawless service shall be the order of the day.

Unaccompanied slaves, subs, servants, pets, etc will be under the protection of the hostess (Khaos WolfKat) for the duration of the event.

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The menu is slightly different every time, and will be posted prior to each event, but will always contain certain elements:

Arrival Drinks
When guests first start to arrive, various teas and other beverages will be served to enjoy whilst waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive and settling in.

Each course will include different tea(s) specifically selected to pair well with the foods served.

First course ~ Savouries
Typical savoury course offerings are finger sandwiches, cheeses, crackers, dips, and often vegetable and fruit trays to balance things out and refresh the palate.

Second Course ~ Scones & Breads
This is where the famed scones, lemon curd, and clotted creme generally make an appearance, along with, perhaps, croissants, rolls, and the like. Don't fill up too much here, because dessert is still yet to come!

Third Course ~ Dessert
Nope! The scones and jams and clotted creme were not actual dessert.
The dessert course will consist of things like cookies, tea cakes, chocolates, brownie bites, fresh fruit, and maybe fancy candies.

Here are a few examples of past menus, to give a more detailed idea.

Norwescon 38 Friday Afternoon High Protocol Tea Social Menu  

Norwescon 39 Friday Afternoon High Protocol Tea Social Menu  

Norwescon 40 Friday Afternoon High Protocol Tea Social Menu  

More menus will be added over time, however, as you can see, they have tended to get a bit more fine-tuned with each successive event.

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RSVP Information

How and when to send an RSVP

When you RSVP to a private event, please bear in mind that you are requesting entry to to someone's home (even if it is a temporary home, such as a hotel room). Simply sending an email demanding a stranger's address or room number is quite rude, and simply unacceptable. (Yes; People have done this, repeatedly). That will guarantee an invitation to find something else to do

It is customary, when asking to attend a private party hosted by someone you do not know, to introduce yourself and let them know why you would like to attend their event.

The annual Norwescon Friday Afternoon High Protocol Tea Social is a private event, hosted in my hotel room each year. It is not an open room party, nor is it part of official convention programming. Space is limited to a maximum of 10 seated guests and 5-7 servers, and priority is ALWAYS given to those who display good manners!

I also have to purchase, prepare, and pack the correct amount of food and supplies and have it all ready to go two days before the start of the convention.

This means that, ideally, you should RSVP at least two weeks prior to the event - preferably as SOON as you know you want to attend - and absolutely no later than the Tuesday prior to the event to insure a spot for you. Last minute requests will be considered based on space, supplies, circumstances, and quite possibly, bribery! ;)

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RSVP form

Please take time to ensure the entire form is filled out with the requested information.

You can also use this form to ask questions regarding the Tea.

(required fields are marked with *)
Your scene name, con name or nickname is acceptable.
E-Mail Address: *
Attending as: *
Name of personal server or person you will be serving, if applicable:
Please ensure that they also RSVP.
Are you, or will you be over the age of 18 on the event date? Yes   No   *
Have you fully read, and do you agree to abide by the event rules at all times while attending? Yes   No   *
Have you attended a NWC Friday Afternoon Tea Social before? Yes   No   *
Are you familiar with formal service or D/s dynamics?
(Lack of experience is not a bar to attending)
Additional information/Comments/Questions:

Please include anything else you feel I should know or
any questions you have in this space.
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Previous News

Updated: 2019.10.23

This year's menu is now almost completely planned, save for a couple pending items that haven't yet been confirmed, and has been posted, and the event theme will be...

~ It's a Mad, Mad Wonderland! ~

More information on the theme, including costume contest details, below, in the newly added, Date, Time, & Theme section.

I'm also working on getting a gallery up and running for this and past events, where attendees will be able to post their own photos (in keeping with the event photo policy, of course!), as well as viewing all official photos taken, so keep checking back for that.

The regular NWC Friday Afternoon Tea badge ribbons will be available to all, so find Khaos WolfKat or go to the Friday Afternoon Tea table in the Dealer Room, ask for one, and help promote the event.

There are brand new ribbons debuting this year for attending, as well as some extra special ones, which will be earned by serving, entertaining, or helping out at the event.

(these are pre-production images. The finished product will have silver graphics, like the main Tea ribbon)

Updated: 2019.06.09

Save the date and join us at Norwescon 43, on Friday, 10th April, 2020, from 3-7pm, for the best NWC Friday Afternoon Tea yet!

The regular NWC Friday Afternoon Tea badge ribbons will be available to all, so find Khaos WolfKat or go to the Friday Afternoon Tea table in the Dealer Room, ask for one, and help spread the word.

There are brand new ribbons debuting this year for attending, as well as some extra special ones, which will be earned by serving, entertaining, or helping out at the event.

(these are pre-production images. The finished product will have silver graphics, like the main Tea ribbon)


Sadly, there will not be a Tea at Norwescon 42. Evidently, we have misplaced our tea towels!

Please know where your own towel is, watch out for falling, potted plants, don't panic, and join us NEXT year at Norwescon 43 for the best NWC Friday Afternoon Tea yet.

NWC Friday Afternoon Tea badge ribbons WILL still be available, and this year, anyone can have one! So find Khaos WolfKat, ask for one, and help spread the word. The only way to get a ribbon next year will be to attend the Tea.

There will also be some additional, special ribbons, which will be earned by serving, entertaining, or helping out with the event.

(these are pre-production images. The finished product will have silver graphics, like the main Tea ribbon)